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my gionee p4 - bazic - 16-12-2015

I need help guys,I flashed my gionee p4 ROM ,cuz I wanted to upgrade to latest version now wen booting it hangs and stops only showing the boot logo, while charging it doesn't charge help me out plsss.

RE: my gionee p4 - Dave - 16-12-2015

Hard reset it if it did not workout. Downgrade it, step it down to the formal version

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RE: my gionee p4 - hovatek - 16-12-2015

(16-12-2015, 11:35 AM)bazic Wrote:  I need help guys,I flashed my gionee p4 ROM ,cuz I wanted to upgrade to latest version now wen booting it hangs and stops only showing the boot logo, while charging it doesn't charge help me out plsss.

have you tried doing a factory reset in recovery mode