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How to use the Hovatek Forum on Tapatalk - hovatek - 01-14-2015

Tapatalk is a free forum app for your smartphone that lets you share photos, post, and reply to discussions on our community easily on-the-go. Its runs as a native app on your smartphone and you can receive notifications directly on your phone.
Currently supported are

* Android
* iPhone
* Windows phone
* Windows 8 PC

To connect to the Hovatek Forum on Tapatalk

1. Download Tapatalk @ http://tapatalk.com/m?id=4&referer=198820  , install it then launch
2.  Sign in using your preferred method

[Image: Hovatek_Forum_On_Tapatalk_1.png]

3. Tick / Select your interests then click Next

[Image: Hovatek_Forum_On_Tapatalk_2.png]

4. You'll see a preview of some forums, click Done

[Image: Hovatek_Forum_On_Tapatalk_3.png]

5. Click the middle search icon at the bottom of the screen

[Image: Hovatek_Forum_On_Tapatalk_4.png]

6. Search for Hovatek

[Image: Hovatek_Forum_On_Tapatalk_5.png]

7. The Hovatek Forum should appear,click the +Add button

[Image: Hovatek_Forum_On_Tapatalk_6.png]

8.  Click Hovatek Forum

[Image: Hovatek_Forum_On_Tapatalk_7.png]

9. You should now be at the Hovatek Forum on Tapatalk

[Image: Hovatek_Forum_On_Tapatalk_8.png]

10. Click the three white horizontal bars at the top and select Sign-in or Join

[Image: Hovatek_Forum_On_Tapatalk_9.png]

11. You can Sign in using the account you used at step 2 (a forum account will automatically get created for you) or Sign into your forum account by clicking Use Different Profile

[Image: Hovatek_Forum_On_Tapatalk_10.png]

12. If you selected Use Different Profile above then supply your forum credentials and click Sign in

[Image: Hovatek_Forum_On_Tapatalk_11.png]

13. Once signed in, you should return to Hovatek Forum. Click Hovatek Forum at the top, just in front of the refresh icon (curved arrow)

[Image: Hovatek_Forum_On_Tapatalk_12.png]

14. Select the section you wish to browse from the list

[Image: Hovatek_Forum_On_Tapatalk_13.png]

15. You should now be in that section and see the threads there (scroll down to see more)

[Image: Hovatek_Forum_On_Tapatalk_14.png]

16. Open the thread of your choice and use the quick reply option to post a reply

[Image: Hovatek_Forum_On_Tapatalk_16.png]

17. Click your Menu button or the three white dots at the top to create a new thread

[Image: Hovatek_Forum_On_Tapatalk_15.png]

18. Enjoy!