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BEATS AUDIO APP by MOTIONCODING IS A NO GO AREA! - dapo4friends - 02-13-2015

I know the idea of beats on our phones is tantalising.
File!!! Dont touch it!!!
Motioncoding advices u to do a nandroid backup of ur ROM before installing BEATS AUDIO. If u dont d that. See what happens:
1. If u have other Audio Processors or even ur stock musicfx equalizer when u install beats, a conflict will result and u will get no sound.
2. If u uninstall BEATS, that does not remove all its files and this result in a crash of your audio system( your speakers and earphones  produce pure loud noise), u may have to kedp ur phone on silent.
3. To rectify the problem, u will have to manually remove the troublesome beats files from ur system partition! U will need a ROOT EXPLORER APP and the guide pdf made available by the developer- MOTIONCODING on what to delete and where to delete.
Bear in mind that most of the files mentioned in the pdf guide will probably not be on your phone system and some of the mentioned names are even slightly different from what u ll see e.g. smd for snd- a typo error i guess. u may have to rely on your root explorer to let u know which files were newly added to or modified in the system on what date so u can then safely delete the appropriate ones for BEATS. If u delete the wrong files,u may damage your rom.
4. removal does not guarantee that your audio will work well again, Your audio players and enhancers like your stock musicfx or equalizers may force close or not play audio bcos uninstalling BEATS has deleted some important native system files needed for audio decoding.

5 factory reset will not restore things to normal.
I am sure u dont want to go this way.
I just fell into this ditch and i domt even have a working Custom recovery for my phone type( Tecno N3) to reflash stock Rom and Tecno N3 is not an mtk phone so i cant use SPFLASHTOOL OR MTK DROID ROOT AND TOOLS!!!
A much better option of audio processor is the legendary and free ViPER4Android app on xda on the developers personal site (google viper4android). follow the instructions on usage. Combine ViPER4Android with Poweramp and experience EARGASM!!!!