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How to fix led notification! - Ferbir88 - 10-12-2016

Hi Hovatek!

I ported rom (s7731 to sc7731) to MyPhone Venum and this rom working properly but I found a bug: led notification.
When I'm charging the phone the led light in red, when I receive sms, mms, FB messages, missed calls the led doesn't work.
When sms/mms/fb messages arrive, only the display light, no led notifcation. In the original rom there are three colour: red (only charge, and flashing when the battery empty) blue (flashing when sms/mms arrive) green (flashing when arrive fb/gmail message). I tried replace custom lights.sc8830.so with original lights.sc8830.so, but no luck. I tried edit wiht notepad++ these files but no luck. ( I added /sys/class/green...etc, /sys/class/blue...etc lines), but no luck.
How can I fix it!
Please Help!