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How to Download Android Playstore apps with IDM or Phone Browser - innagee - 03-21-2017

This guide explain how to download android playstore apps using a pc or phone browser, Playstore applications were normally downloaded via the google play store application and install automatically after download but in a case where you need the .apk file in your pc or phone then you can follow the

Note: The same procedure applies when downloading via phone.

Steps to Download Android Applications using a PC or Phone Browser

Follow the below steps to download android applications using a PC or Phone browser

1. Go to https://play.google.com

[Image: how-to-download-android-apk-from-playsto...wser-1.png]

2. Click on the app you want to download

[Image: how-to-download-android-apk-from-playsto...wser-2.png]

3. Right-Click on the Address Bar and copy the link

[Image: how-to-download-android-apk-from-playsto...wser-3.png]

4. Open new tab and go to https://apps.evozi.com

[Image: how-to-download-android-apk-from-playsto...wser-4.png]

5. Select APK Downloader

[Image: how-to-download-android-apk-from-playsto...wser-5.png]

6. Once the page loaded right-click and paste the app URL you copied from google play store.

[Image: how-to-download-android-apk-from-playsto...wser-6.png]

7. Click on Generate Download Link

[Image: how-to-download-android-apk-from-playsto...wser-7.png]

8. Once link generated click on Download.

[Image: how-to-download-android-apk-from-playsto...wser-8.png]

9. Click on Start Download if you use IDM.

[Image: how-to-download-android-apk-from-playsto...wser-9.png]

10. Download will begin.

[Image: how-to-download-android-apk-from-playsto...ser-10.png]

[*]Not all applications that were downloaded using this method can be installed.
[*]It's not compulsory to use IDM ordinary PC browser will work.
[*]Not all application can be downloaded using this method.

RE: How to Download Android Playstore app with IDM or Phone Browser - Artisan2079 - 03-27-2017

Thanks for this,very valuable.

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