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HELP!! TO SEARCH ROM FOR G518QL - Roberttie - 24-07-2017

I deleted STOCK ROM OF G518QL and i don't have backup of STOCK ROM
There are many factory in shenzen who sell this product with different names but the phone is egual..
This factory sell G518QL:  Pretech,luckystar,chengfong,w&wele,Aoson,Lark,Xion,shenzen gramds Electronics..
Lark stratus 5 LTE is a clone of this device ..but in needrom.com there is only the ROM with Android 6.0..i try to flash with Sp flash tool
and this ROM is incompatibily with my device..but is very similar..
Xion the model is:XI-CE640N have Android 5.1 in needrom..but don't have BAND 2O  with connection for 4G LTE..
With the stock ROM where there is when i bought this G518QL have band 20 and 4G connection function..
I tell you hovatek forum to try to find this ROM STOCK G518QL together..and fix it this G518QL smartphone..
I contact this suppliers of shenzen the portal of globalsources help me..but the site of this Shenzen Suppliers don't have 
one section with STOCK FIRMWARE..there is only the section for see the product and section for contact..i contact this factory and they 
don't speak me..
Only PRETECH today will try to find this STOCK ROM..i have tell him about the specifics and tell about his clone L511CM is a smartphone of pretech..who is very simlar is model is L511CM if you hovatek forum tipe on Google you can see the similar particular with G518QL..
Now i attend your response and i think we together fix this G518QL!!!!!!
Thanks a lot for your support Hovatek Forum..
If you found the rom you can add them on Google drive