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HOW TO UNLOCK THE HUAWEI B310X-22/927/xx 4g ROUTER [PATCHED_LOADER] - droidmobitech - 01-17-2018


Today; i decided to release this guide for all users who wish to unlock the HUAWEI b310 router. This method patches the loader; your IMEI is however not maintained flashing loader via balong dloader.
If you need UNPATCHED METHOD then you ought to make payment for UNPATCHED loaders 20USD
Latest 2017/2018 Routers may need UNPATCHED loader approach
It works on 2015,2016 and 2017 4G routers

Downgrading this Router did cause
1. dashboard instability
2. RJ45 port disabled using downgrade firmware

1. Fix RJ45 port disable after downgrade firmware; to rewrite imei....
2. Reset Button fixed
3. dashboard now stable
4. Repair bricked routers.......White LED light only
5. Stuck in PC UI mode Fixed; No LED light at all

1. Your IMEI IS RESETTED to zeros
2. It has apparently no effect on router dashboard/ usage; tested by myself

1. Files needed
2. Router [ should be disassembled]
3. usb cable for usb pinout on B310 pcb [+v,gnd, d+, d-] with color coding red,black, green and white
4. Any metallic pin to join Test point(TP) on PCB
5. Windows 7 PC preferrably [Win10 x64 has driver not recognized problem, use win7]
6. Net frame 4.0 and higher needed

You have agreed to follow this method by yourself; im not responsible for your bricked router. by following THIS i hope you will not regret; for unlocking without code has never been easy &
By doing exactly as written surely you will get success


Step 1: Connection /Detecting Router:


a. Insert the soldered cable to pc first while router is off [not  connected to power adaptor]
b. connect test point; hold in position
c. Insert power adaptor
D. Detected as PC UI in Ports Section

[Image: Capture002.png]

[Image: Capture003.png]

[Image: Capture7.png]

Step 2: Preparing Firmware:
a. The firmware is in .bin format ; rename to .exe
b. Lauch the Huawei Modem Router v1.6 ;  Select firmware. extract from exe, Browse to select firmware , it should extract the individual firmware files as shown in picture
c. Open the extracted files; open the .hmf file using a note pad
d. Pay attention here: delete the first two lines as shown. [It starts and ends from the starting point of firmware file]

[Image: Capture6.png]

[Image: Capture1.png]

[Image: Capture2.png]
Delete to rename the following like this
[Image: Capture4.png]

Step 3: Flashing loaders[Unlocking]
a. Launch Balong dloader and detect PU UI port
b. We have a usbloader and a b315 usbsafer
c. Select the B310 usbloader and flash
d. When flashing is done; disconnect and reconnect in TP mode again

e. Relaunch Balong Dloader and Flash B315 usbsafer this time[ pay attention; dont get confuse; we are just flashing loader first, flashing safer last]
f. After flash you MUST see power led light [ON]

[Image: Capture10.png]

[Image: Capture11.png]

[Image: Capture12.png]

[Image: Capture9.png]

[Image: Capture0.png]
You MUST see Huawei Application and PC UI ports in dev mgt now

Step 4: Updating FIrmware:
a. Run the go_hdlc script as admin; [ You need NET FRAME]
b. You should see two Oks as shown in the picture
c. Minimize the script [Dont close yet]
d. Run the Huawei Flasher v2; Type the Com of PC UI in device manager
e,g, if PC  UI is COM9 type COM9 in the space provided

e. Click flash modem; browse to your .hmf file we edited during step 2[ hope you remember]
f. Flashing should initialize as shown in pic
g. You MUST SEE the led lights ON and another BLUE light
h. It takes about 5-10 mins depending on PC [ leave connect untouched till finish]

[Image: Capture14.png]

[Image: Capture15.png]

[Image: Capture16.png]

[Image: Capture00.png]

[Image: Capture17.png]

Step 5: Repacking and Finishing on Dashboard
a. Desolder and insert any sim of choice, Repack modem
b. Connect power cable and power ON
c. Insert RJ45 cable to pc
d. Login to dashboard using "admin"
e. You can modify dashboard to your preferrance

[Image: Capture18.png]

[Image: Capture001.png]

**Router Locked to MTN working 100% on Glo GH and other networks

**Owners of Huawei Flasher(s)--fr3nis
**Evans for Device Solder and Screen Capture
**Urmac For Unlock Trial
**droidmobitech for Unlock Fix and Guide

All done by droidmobitech

gsm is a fun............

NOTE: Guide is Free; For Link Please Donate to help unlock guides; it took me 8 hours to prepare and get the fixes intact

Contact---------(+233) 024-823-0780 ; Whatsapp /Telegram/etc...

RE: [REQUIREMENTS] HOW TO UNLOCK HUAWEI ROUTER B310-XX---(free limited No.) - isamwise - 02-11-2018

What next after soldering?

[REQUIREMENTS] HOW TO UNLOCK HUAWEI ROUTER B310-XX---(free limited No.) - droidmobitech - 02-12-2018

You can now follow the contact below for remote unlock for Huawei B310


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