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RE: Leagoo Kiicaa Mix - Fallin - 23-02-2018

(20-02-2018, 04:24 PM)X3non Wrote:  
(20-02-2018, 10:50 AM)Fallin Wrote:  I'll see if I find another firmware, but have any tips on how I find out what my variant?

build number will help identify variants
if you remember the build number of the phone before it got bricked then good

PS: not sure where you got the firmware you currently have from but check out these ROMs below [the first two have their build numbers clearly stated, the last two don't]

I've been able to find a solution to the problem. First of all, you have to find another firmware for the phone, because as incredible as it may seem, it has two versions, but I can not find anywhere the difference between the two, but continuing after you find another firmware, you let the phone unload completely (in my case were 2 days and a few hours for it to unload, after that you open the spft and open the scatter file the spft will automatically look for the files, you wait for the files to load sea the only option to download and then click download, now just connect the phone on the pc hold the power + volume up buttons and expect to hear a connected noise, after that the spft will hold the flash normally on your phone.

Thanks to all who tried to help!