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how to root gionee s6s nougat 7.0 - Myungidbaloxy Dc - 24-05-2018

I know alot of peeps are facing the same issue, being unable to root the gionee s6s nougat version and also the main issue with the airtime deductions which is very unusual.
With root access on your phone, you can delete the app which causes the airtime deduction known as "GL_SalesTrack" which you can delete with titanium backup pro after root

Requirements :
If you are not on the the Gionee s6s Nougat version you can download the Nougat ROM Here and flash using SP flashtool

How to flash recovery to gionee s6s nougat version

You need to Flash the recovery.img using Smart Phone Flash Tool
  1. Download and install Android USB Driver on your computer. In case Android USB Drivers are already installed on your Computer then skip this step.

  2. Power Off your Android Smartphone and remove the Battery (if it is removable).

  3. Download the twrp+scattered file in the link provided above that you want to Flash on your gionee s6s Android Smartphone and extract it on your Computer.

  4. Download and Extract Smart Phone Flash Tool on Your Computer. After Extracting.

  5. Now Open Flash_tool.exe (you will find this from the extracted files in Step

  6. Once Smart Phone Flash Tool is launched, Click on the Download Tab

    Warning ⚠ :  Click on only the download tab and not format all + download, if you don't want to brick your phone

  7. In the Download Tab, now click on the scatter-loading button.

  8. Locate the Scatter File (you will find the scattered file in the Gionee S6s Twrp+Scattered File folder).

  9. Click on the Download Button to begin the Flashing Process.
    Make sure only recovery is ticked on your screen

  10. Connect your Smartphone to the Computer using USB Cable (without battery- if it is removable). After connecting the device to the computer Press Volume Down or Volume Up key, so that your computer easily detect your smartphone.

  11. Once Flashing is completed, a Green Ring will appear With tick.

  12. Close the Smart Phone Flash Tool on your computer and disconnect your Android Smartphone from the computer.

    Note: Make Sure You Backup Your Stuffs Straightup To Your Computer, before trying this

How to root gionee s6s (Nougat Version)

  1. Hold the power button + volume Up together and release once your phone shows the gionee logo
    Then Be patient while it bootup to twrp mode

  2. After successful boot to twrp mode "it will request for a password" (sorry i can't get the screenshot of this process, because it requires to wipe the phone again if i want to have access to the twrp and phone storage)

  3. Click on cancel then go to "Wipe" , click on format/clear data

  4. Type "Yes" and proceed with the format process, once you get a successful format, don't reboot system click on the back button

  5. Connect your phone with your pc and click on the MOUNT ( in TWRP MODE)

  6. Tick in the options "System" then mount storage "Disable And Enable MTP"

  7. Your pc should detect your phone, then copy the "Superuser.zip" from your pc to your phone

  8. Disconnect your phone from the pc

  9. Click install via TWRP mode and locate where you copied the  "Superuser.zip" swipe to install then reboots your phone,

  10. Be patient and if yhu notice the gionee logo blinking, it means yhu did it successfully and it will take time to bootup for the first time
    if you have any question contact me on whatsapp : +2349020030284
Credits : https://www.blackfridays.com.ng

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RE: how to root gionee s6s nougat 7.0 - strider9844 - 17-08-2018

root succeeded but lost fingerprint sensor option after root

RE: how to root gionee s6s nougat 7.0 - freshtyt - 17-08-2018

(17-08-2018, 06:00 AM)strider9844 Wrote:  root succeeded but lost fingerprint sensor option after root

why don't you flash stock rom back, the sensor should work after flashing back to stock then you try rooting using magisk method at https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-21427.html instead