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Itel P41 Stock ROM / Firmware and Component Files - hovatek - 06-03-2018

Below is a collection of download links to flash files, firmware, stock roms or pac files for Itel P41. If you wish to unpack or exract the contents of the pac file then follow the guide @ https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-6236.html

Download Itel P41 stock rom / firmware / pac file below

How to flash / unbrick an Itel P41

The firmware above is in .pac format (after you extract from zip, rar or 7z file) so this means you can flash with Research Download or Upgrade Download tool, Infinity Chinese Miracle II SPD Box, Miracle Box or any other Chinese box or tool which supports flashing in PAC format.
Before flashing, ensure that:
  1. The battery is charged to an extent and inserted into the phone
  2. The phone is powered off / switched off
  3. You have installed Spreadtrum SCI USB drivers
  4. You have downloaded the firmware above and copied the .pac file into a folder (ensure to unzip if the pac file is in a zip, rar or 7z file)
  5. You have a PC and USB cord

Itel P41 Core Specifications