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How to unbrick china tablets - EMMANUS - 07-03-2018

HI, my first time writing a tutorial here! i have learnt so much from others, I thought it was time to give a little back. Thanks Hovatek and all of you here. I will give you a simple way to solve a seemingly hard problem.

You all must know those chinese tablets that you don't seem to know their producers and even if you do, no support for them, Yes! those annoying tablets you don't know how to flash or get to their recovery especially when they soft-brick. Calm down, take a cup of water or juice and relax because I may have solved your problem or you still need rest to solve your problem.

Down to business; its quite easy, you need 
Adb drivers for the phone to be detected
the tablet
usb cable, original one
your pc

Note: Perform at your own risk

1 Install adb drivers
2 install adb.exe
3 switch th tablet on, don't mind that it is stuck
4 connect the tablet to your pc
5 go to your system partition on your pc and look for adb folder
6 open adb folder
7 hold shift key and right click on an open space in the folder
8 click on 'open command window here'
9  when command prompt opens, type 'adb devices'  hit enter and it should show you a confusing number, then you can proceed, if not, then maybe you missed a step or your tablet is not supported for this tutorial
10 if you were successful in step 9, then type 'adb reboot recovery'  hit enter (i know you like it Rolleyes )  and the tablet should reboot in recovery mode, you can then proceed to wipe the tablet from recovery menu.

coughs.....thats all

Note: Perform at your own risk
If you brick your tablet, this is not my handwriting.....syk....your tablet is already bricked Cool