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LED light stucks - Honex - 07-25-2018

Hello, I have infinix zero 4 with nougat 7.0 rooted, I noticed my LED light stucks after nougat update. How does it stuck?
Well when I use an app ( like Twitter or Facebook, just a normal app ) and the screen locks, while I receive a message ( while screen off ) my LED light should alert me so yet it doesn't. But there's a weird move I do to force the LED light to work is turn the screen on ( I just click on the power button without unlocking the device ) and turn it back off, the LED light works.

Also it only works when I turn the screen off while using XOS launcher on foreground ( which there's no apps opened on screen just XOS launcher ).

It's a weird bug I found which is annoying.

Also my LED light supports 3 colors ( red, green and blue ) but only red and green work and blue just doesn't thought it's in settings menu.

I tried light manager LED settings but no use of it with my device.

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RE: LED light stucks - EMMANUS - 07-25-2018

Its a minor bug you can live with , or try to downgrade back to marshmallow, but first, read your rom and save it, also note your complete build number