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[Downloads] BLU Vivo One Stock ROM / Firmware and Component Files - Printable Version

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BLU Vivo One Stock ROM / Firmware and Component Files - hovatek - 01-28-2019

Below is a collection of download links for files you would find in the flash file, firmware or stock rom for BLU Vivo One. Its for those who need specific files and don't want to have to download the entire stock ROM / Firmware. If what you need is the complete stock ROM / Firmware then you can find the download link below also

Download BLU Vivo One stock rom / firmware below

BLU Vivo One (BLU_V0270WW_V7. [Factory / Signed]

How to flash / unbrick a BLU Vivo One

The firmware above is in scatter format so this means you can flash with SP Flash tool, Infinity Chinese Miracle II MTK Box,
Miracle Box (If indicated that it's a Miracle Box Dump) or any other Chinese box or tool which supports flashing in scatter format.
Before flashing, ensure that:
  1. The battery is charged to an extent and inserted into the phone
  2. The phone is powered off / switched off
  3. You have installed Mediatek Preloader USB VCOM drivers
  4. You have downloaded either parts of or the complete firmware above (depending on what you need to flash) and unzipped into a folder
  5. You have a PC and USB cord

BLU Vivo One Core Specification