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Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE Reset Protection Key Bypass - EMMANUS - 12-08-2019

You may be faced with a "reset protection recovery key" screen on your lumia device after a successful factory reset,and unlike the "google account verification a.k.a  frp" on android based devices, it is a bit more difficult to fix that on  a lumia device.
Today, we will learn how to fix that specifically on a Microsoft Lumia 640LTE  device.
This tutorial will be exclusively for, and has been tested and verified on Microsoft Lumia 640LTE, but you can borrow general ideas for other microsoft/lumia devices. For this reason, I will outline reasons for the steps and explain error codes you may encounter in the process.

(Disclaimer: Try the steps in this tutorial at your own risk. Follow each step carefully)

Firstly, what we have to do is debrand the phone. This is because we will not be able to flash RM1073_02177.00000.15184.36003_RETAIL_prod_signed_1011_027112_000-22_MV_2.ffu to some variants of the phone which have been branded by carriers like AT&T using Lumia flash tools.

Download the debranding files from link in requirement 3.
Extract the contents to a folder
Connect your phone while switched on to your PC
Run "update.bat"     

[Image: 1update-bat.png]

Your phone should restart (allow about 5mins)
Once your phone reboots, it has been debranded and you can go ahead to flash the firmware you downloaded.

Next, we have to flash the firmware we downloaded from the link in requirement 6. Make sure to download the exact one in the requirement.
Extract lumia flashtool from link in requirement 7
Open "WPID" folder and launch "start.bat". You should have Windows phone image designer.

[Image: 2launch-flash-tool.png]

Tick "Flash a windows phone image onto your phone" and click Next
Click "Change" and select the firmware.
Hold "volume +" and power up your phone to get into flash mode. You should see a gear and thunder bolt on your screen.
Connect your phone to the PC and it should show up in the box beside "Flashable devices"
Click on flash and allow the process to complete.

When flashing completes and phone boots up,set up the phone till you get to reset recovery key screen again
Extract the contents of  requirement 5 to C: (i.e extract to the root of C drive) 

[Image: 3reset-key-files-extracted.png]

Connect phone to PC Run command prompt as administrator
Type  "cd c:\iutool" and press enter                               

[Image: 4remove-1.png]

Type "iutool.exe -v -p c:\cabs" press enter   

[Image: 5remove-2.png]

Allow it to run, it takes about 45mins. You will know it is working if it copies 191 files
NOTE: Make sure you are at reset protection recovery screen before you start command prompt. Allow the phone to be connected to PC throughout the process till it boots completely.

If you encounter error 0x8007470490 in command prompt;Go to "devices and printers" on your PC, right click  on your lumia phone and remove  it.Plug it in again and allow drivers to be reinstalled,make sure the phone is detected, then try again. 

[Image: 6errors.png]  

If you encounter error 0x8024a110 in command prompt, it means that the cabs you're trying to push to the phone are not for the current firmware in the phone.Possible causes are;*debranding was not successful i.e you skipped flashing stage*You flashed an incompatible firmware for the cabs after successful debranding, so check your firmware again.

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RE: Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE Reset Protection Key Bypass - osuolale95 - 14-05-2020

I pray it works for me... I have a Lumia 640 in coma and I believe this will bring it back to life

RE: Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE Reset Protection Key Bypass - osuolale95 - 20-05-2020

This really works fine for me...

RE: Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE Reset Protection Key Bypass - EMMANUS - 23-05-2020

(20-05-2020, 07:08 PM)osuolale95 Wrote:  This really works fine for me...
I'm happy to know that.

RE: Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE Reset Protection Key Bypass - osuolale95 - 23-05-2020

Thanks a lot... Just that the keyboard is not working... Is there a way to fix that? Its software issue not the hardware. How an I get it fixed please?