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Glo Bis Awoof - Get Back Your Airtime After Subscribing - kay4dam69 - 20-05-2015

enjoying this glo bumpa bonus airtime for long each time I
recharge for Glo bis .
Glo bumpa gives you 200% bonus airtime on every recharge
you make to call All Network . That is on #100 recharge,
you get extra #200 totaling #300. Billed at 0.50kobo per
second on call rate which is equal to #30 per minute. It is
quite expensive but worth it. Why? If you still don't get it,
here is the catch!
For glo bis, you recharge N1,000 to subscribe for 3gb. Now
if on bumpa package that's extra N2,000 free bumpa credit.
And if you are like me that subscribe more than trice in a
month you can do the math (N2,000 * 3 = N6,000 for calls
after subscription).
For an average caller, I bet you don't need an extra call
credit till your next subscription.
How To Migrate To Glo Bumpa?
To migrate Dial *100*10*1#
The bumpa bonus expires in 30days. When see this coming
and you are not tuet ready to resubscribe, just recharge any
amount(#100, #200 etc) to give it another 30days validity.
You can keep accumulating it to eternity lols. See image
==>The free airtime can be used to call all network.
==>The bumpa free credit, bonus can't be transfered, or
used for another subscription.
==>It will be charged at 0.50k/s on call rate.
If you Have a question, Hit the comment box! What is your
view on this?