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How to setup Z3X Pro box - hovatek - 16-02-2021

This tutorial explains how to setup Z3X Box / Z3X Pro Box . It can also be applied to Easy Jtag box.

[Image: Z3x-Pro-Box-and-cables-scaled.jpg]


How to setup Z3X Pro Box

Follow the steps below to setup your Z3X Pro Box, Z3X Box or Easy Jtag Box

See the video below or @ https://youtu.be/eNeMfPt3z54

  1. Insert the cable into the Box

    [Image: Z3x-cable-scaled.jpg]

  2. Connect the other end of the cable to the PC. Your connection should look like this and lights should flicker on the box

    [Image: Z3x-pro-to-pc-connection-scaled.jpg]

  3. Run latest_shell.exe as Admin

    [Image: How-to-Setup-Z3X-Box-1.jpg]

  4. Click OK

    [Image: How-to-Setup-Z3X-Box-2.jpg]

  5. Click Next

    [Image: How-to-Setup-Z3X-Box-3.jpg]

  6. Click Next

    [Image: How-to-Setup-Z3X-Box-4.jpg]

  7. Click Next and take note of the installation path (for drivers installation)

    [Image: How-to-Setup-Z3X-Box-5.jpg]

  8. Click Next

    [Image: How-to-Setup-Z3X-Box-6.jpg]

  9. Click Next

    [Image: How-to-Setup-Z3X-Box-7.jpg]

  10. Click Install

    [Image: How-to-Setup-Z3X-Box-8.jpg]

  11. Wait while the software is installed

    [Image: How-to-Setup-Z3X-Box-9.jpg]

  12. Click Next

    [Image: How-to-Setup-Z3X-Box-10.jpg]

  13. Click Finish

    [Image: How-to-Setup-Z3X-Box-11.jpg]

  14. Navigate to the installation directory; in my case, its C:\Program Files (x86)\Z3X . You'll find the drivers to be installed

    [Image: How-to-Setup-Z3X-Box-12.jpg]

  15. The Z3X shell dashboard should have been open by now, minimize it

    [Image: How-to-Setup-Z3X-Box-13.jpg]

  16. Install the drivers for your device type. I'm installing Box drivers V3 and Card Drivers.

    [Image: How-to-Setup-Z3X-Box-14.jpg]

  17. In the Z3X Shell dashboard, click the Settings Tab

    [Image: How-to-Setup-Z3X-Box-15.jpg]

  18. Click Card Info to confirm the smart card has been activated. If not, contact the reseller you purchased it from

    [Image: How-to-Setup-Z3X-Box-16.jpg]

  19. Click OK to close the prompt

    [Image: How-to-Setup-Z3X-Box-17.jpg]

  20. Click the Hardware Wizard tab

    [Image: How-to-Setup-Z3X-Box-18.jpg]

  21. Wait while shell confirms the card status

    [Image: How-to-Setup-Z3X-Box-19.jpg]

  22. Click Next

    [Image: How-to-Setup-Z3X-Box-20.jpg]

  23. Check the I have read and now agree box then click Next

    [Image: How-to-Setup-Z3X-Box-21.jpg]

  24. If your smart card software is eligible for an update, you'll be prompted. Click Next

    [Image: How-to-Setup-Z3X-Box-22.jpg]

  25. Wait while shell connects to the server (internet connection is needed)

    [Image: How-to-Setup-Z3X-Box-23.jpg]

  26. The update should begin (0-100%). Wait

    [Image: How-to-Setup-Z3X-Box-24.jpg]

  27. If successful, you should see a Card Firmware Updated! prompt. Click OK

    [Image: How-to-Setup-Z3X-Box-25.jpg]

  28. Click Next

    [Image: How-to-Setup-Z3X-Box-26.jpg]

  29. Click Finish

    [Image: How-to-Setup-Z3X-Box-27.jpg]

  30. You can start downloading modules under the Support Files tab in shell

Important Notice
If you get the card not found error then install the Card drivers

Video Transcript
Quote:In this video tutorial, I'll be explaining how to setup your z3x pro box. You need to have connected it to your PC. Of course, you need to have the hardware box. You also need to have an internet connection like I do here. You have to have downloaded the latest shell. I'll link to that in the description then run as Administrator. Now you click OK, Next, Next.. before you do that, take note of all these paths. These are where the drivers will be extracted to so you can navigate to them and install your drivers from there. Take note of this path also. This is where your z3x files will be extracted to. Click Next, click Next, click Install. Click on Next, Finish. This is going to launch the z3x shell. You can also navigate to the directory I mentioned earlier on. My C:, Program Files, this is a 64 bit PC, z3x folder and here you have all the drivers so you could install the box drivers and card drivers or z3x (jtag) or reader depending on what you need. I'll just install box drivers just for this guide. You can install card drivers. Click Finish. Now you go to the z3x shell, click on Settings, click on card info. Its going to display the box information to be sure its activated then you go to the hardware wizard tab. Wait while it connects to the server and then you click Next. Accept, Next. Now, this is asking you to update the card software so I click on Next. Wait while the card software is updated. Alright, card firmware updated! Click OK. These are the activated modules I have. Click on Next and then click on Finish. Now you can navigate around and even download the modules you need. This is for the support files. You can download the modules and other files from here. So that's how to setup your z3x pro box