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✴✴✴✴✴ How to make third-party app a System app✴✴✴✴✴ - Sale babaji - 10-11-2015

There may a situation where you want to make
third-party apps a system app because third-
party apps get wipe up when you reset your
phone. Also you can delete system apps if you
don't want them. So to do them, you have do the
below steps. Let's take a situation where I have L
launcher as my default launcher but I want Nova
launcher to be my default system launcher.
✴✴✴How to make third-party app a System
①. Open Root Explorer app and search the apk
(Example Nova Launcher ) which you want to make a
system app.
②. Hold the apk and Copy it.
③. Go to Root tab and open System/App folder
and then paste the apk there.
④. Now, restart your phone.
⑤. After restart, the apk will become your system
app and won't get deleted even if you reset your
⑥. You can check if the app is a system app or
not. If you don't see Uninstall button then it
means it is a system app.
⑦. Also you can delete any system app.
⑧. Hold any app in System/App folder and press
⑨. If asked for root permission then Grant it.
⑩. Now that system app is no more available on
your phone.