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How soon will Hovatek reply me? - hovatek - 10-14-2015

The Hovatek Forum is a free support forum. This means that we have reps dedicated to providing you with Tech. support for free. If you require instant replies or Live Remote Assistance then consider our Private Support

Free Support Reply Order

We reply on a first post first reply basis; i.e, we would reply someone who posted 2 minutes ago before someone who posted 1 minute ago. 
Posts are arranged in a chronological order (earliest post at the bottom and latest post at the top) so we start from the bottom of the last page (of unread posts) till we get to the top of the first page. This guarantees a first post first reply system.

Free Support Sessions

We work Mondays - Saturdays. Our forum working hours are 09:00 - 15:00 (GMT +1). Within this time, we have two sessions:
How it works
During morning session, we reply posts made between closing hour the previous day and the start of morning session
During afternoon session, we reply posts made between the start of morning session and the start of afternoon session

Notification system

To check for your replies, view your notifications at the top left corner. If you're making use of the Hovatek Forum app app then scroll to the Participated tab. You should also get an email.