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[Please help] Flashed Infinix X501 Not Coming Back !!


Dear Sir,

I have Flashed my Infinix X501 but its not coming back online. Its keep showing Infinix Logo again and again and nothing happening.

I have used following steps !!

Quote:SP Flash tool is an application you could find very useful in fixing extreme cases of a bricked Android like the phone not coming on at all or not booting into recovery mode etc. Lets get started:

What you'll need
* A PC
* Install Mediatek / MTK drivers ( See http://forum.hovatek.com/showthread.php?tid=317 for the PdaNet method of installing drivers)
* USB Cord
* Scatter file for your phone model (For Tecno, see: http://forum.hovatek.com/showthread.php?tid=88. )
* Stock ROM backup / necessary files you wish to flash to the phone (For Tecno, see: Stock ROMs for Tecno phones)
* The phone you wish to flash the files to
* SP Flash tool (Download at htt...Flash.Tool

Lets get started:

1. Remove the battery from the phone and slot it back in without booting the phone
2. Launch SP Flash Tool
2b. Click on options at the top and make sure USB Mode is enabled.
3. Click on Scatter-loading by the right
4. In the window that pops up, select the scatter file for your phone then click open
5. A list should appear (preloader, mbr, ebr etc)
------ Step 6 is only for if you wish to format the phone. Skip it if you don't wish to format -----
6. (optional) If you wish to wipe the phone, click format
6b. (optional) After clicking format, a dialogue box will pop up, ensure that 'Auto Format Flash' and 'Format whole flash without bootloader' are selected
6c. (optional) click OK, Stop should now be red in color while Format should be grey in color
6d. (optional) Connect your switched off phone via USB cord, a progress bar should load till you get a 'Success' message (green circle)
6e. (optional) Disconnect the phone
7. Tick the box beside Preloader then double-click preloader
8. In the window that pops up, select the preloader.bin file
9. Repeat this step for all the other files you wish to flash
10. After selecting all the files you wish to flash, click 'Download' (with an arrow above it)
11. Stop should now be red in color, connect the switched off phone to the PC via USB
12. A progress bar should run till you get a 'Success message' (green circle)
13. Disconnect the phone, remove the battery for 15 seconds, slot it back in then power up the phone
14. If the phone doesn't come on, then flash preloader.bin also (Use the search function at the top to search for you phone's preloader.bin). Do a data wipe if requested to. - See more at: https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-159-pag...pq7Qj.dpuf

Thank you.
Hello Sir,

I got it fixed. I have different issue which i will post after a while.

Thank you.

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