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[Tutorial] How to share / transfer data on Etisalat

(This post was last modified: 11-16-2015, 06:25 PM by X3non. )

Data Transfer is a service that allows data subscribers to share their data balance in Megabytes with another Etisalat data subscriber.

dial *229*PIN*Volume of Megabyte*Number# and send.

* the default PIN is ‘0000'.
* Data balance transfer will be possible from data plans of 200 MB to 20 GB for both Easy Blaze data plans and Direct Data Voucher (DDV).
* The minimum transferable data volume per transaction is 10 MB, while the maximum transferable data volume per transaction is 50 MB.
* A maximum of 250 MB data volume can only be transferred per day. The minimum data volume balance that can be maintained after data volume transfer is 100 MB. For example, if you have 500 Megabytes in your main account, you can only transfer 400 Megabytes to the other Etisalat line.
* A subscriber can transfer as many times as possible in a day provided the daily transfer limit of 250 MB is not exceeded.
* The transferred data on a recipient’s line will have the same validity with that of the original sender, irrespective of the current status of the recipient’s line. For example, if subscriber ‘A’ purchases a 200 Megabytes data plan valid for 30 days and after 20 days of purchase decides to transfer 100 Megabytes to a subscriber 'B', the validity of the transferred data should be 10 days same with subscriber 'A' that transferred the data.

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