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[Tutorial] How to flash an RUU to a HTC phone


RUU means ROM Update Utility

What you will need

1. PC and USB cord
2. HTC phone
3. Download a compatible RUU.exe
4. Install HTC drivers on the PC using HTC Sync (http://www.htc.com/us/software/htc-sync/)
5. Setup Fastboot on the PC  (https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-588.html)
6. Charge the battery above 70%


* Boot the phone ino fastboot mode (select fastboot from hboot menu)
* Connect the phone to the PC via USB
* in fastboot, run the following commands:

fastboot devices
fastboot oem lock

* This will lock your bootloader and allow you to run the RUU. The phone will try and reboot, or it will give you a security warning, and lock you into bootloader. Don't worry, this is normal
* Run the RUU.exe (that you downloaded earlier) on the PC as administrator. It takes a few minutes to boot up, so don't be alarmed if it doesn't appear immediately
* Follow the prompts. It should ask you to ensure your phone is plugged into the computer and that USB debugging is on. As long as you left it plugged in from earlier you are fine
* The RUU should recognize the phone and start running. Be patient, do not unplug the phone under any circumstances
* When it finishes, it will reboot, you will be stock again

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