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[Tutorial] How to become a prime, pro or premium user of ur android apps without purchasing them


In our android device (phone or tablet), we have a lot of useful and impressive apps installed which are very useful to us and besides, makes the device meaningful.
Some of these apps are completely free to use, some have free trial period and will requires you to purchase its license and some allows you to use some of its features and you need to go-prime, pro or premium b/4 you can have full access to all its features.
  To activate this, u need accounts like PayPal, Google wallet or Credit card to make any purchase from the app's developer and if u don't have any of these accounts, u have to use the app the way it is. But this guide will now show u how to get license, become a prime, pro or a premium user without making any purchase.

The prerequisites are;

1. Ur android must be fully rooted
2. Download and install Lucky-patcher
3. Launch and grant it root access
NB; if lucky-patcher is not granted root access, it can not modify any app(s) and this is why ur device has to be rooted.
4. Ignore the busybox alert if u don't have the account but if u have, u may sign in
5. Select 'Toggles' on the bottom-left of the app's main screen
6. Enable 'Google license verification emulation', 'License services to Google playstore', 'Google billing emulation', 'In app services to Google playstore', and 'Automatically integrate update to system for system apps'.
* Lucky-patcher will list all ur installed apps with available patches like....'custom patch available', 'License verification found', 'In app purchases found' etc.
8. Long-press any app that has 'custom patch available' label (e.g Avast) and select 'custom patch'
9. Select 'apply' and wait for Lucky patcher to patch the app
* If the patch is successful, u will see the patched details written in green font color
10. Select 'launch' and u are now a prime, pro or a premium user.
In summary;
* always update custom patches in lucky-patcher to get new patches from the developer
* always open lucky-patcher when u install a new app to check if custom patch is available for that app
* apps that have the 'In App purchases found' means u can obtain their purchases in the main app but not in lucky-patcher screen. To do this; launch the app, select its purchase button and lucky-patcher will push a window to the app screen asking "Do you wan try to get this item for free?'
- select 'save purchase for restore' and 'auto-repeat purchases with the current settings' and click yes.
NB; lucky-patcher has a lot of functions to perform like converting user app to system app, disabling Google advertisement, changing app's components and lot more. Just try the features one after the other and enjoy the outcome.

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