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How To Retrieve The Hide Files From Virus Infected Memory Card


If your memory card properties showing there is data inside and you can't see anything..
-USB Cord..
Go to Start -> Run-> Type CMD and press
Enter Or press CTRL+R and type CMD and press enter..
Find the drive name for the connected USB
drive. ( I mean A:/ E:/ D:/, you’ll see it in My
For Example if your drive is drive E:/, In
command prompt, type E: and Hit enter.
Command Prompt will show E:/
Then type:
attrib -s -h /s /d *.*

NOTE: Make sure that you put space between each
elements in the code, and hit enter and wait
for few seconds.
e.g E:/ attrib(space) -s(space) -h(space) /s
(space) /d(space) *.* press enter

Check your drive now, and you will see your

Does dis work for none detect memory card?
Wow! Thanx guys for this guide... Really needed it.

Sent from my TECNO H6
yes try it kay4dam

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