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[Downloads] Collection of LG stock ROMs / firmware

(This post was last modified: 02-14-2018, 06:59 PM by X3non. )

You can download LG stock ROMs / firmware using the short guide below.

Steps on How to Download LG firmware

* Use the IMEI of your phone to get the correct firmware for your phone model

  1. Copy the URL in the code tag below then replace IMEI with the original IMEI of the LG device


  2. Once you are done replacing "IMEI" with the correct 15 IMEI digits, paste the link into any web browser
  3. You should get an unformatted webpage like in the screenshot below. The link ending with .kdz is the download link to the firmware for your device

    [Image: How-to-download-LG-firmware-using-IMEI.png]
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Please prepare a tutorial for flashing lg. Plus the firmware page gives files that you aren't sure which to download. Eg I have an E440 but was stuck on which to download I can see Germany, Brazil and others.

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