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Can't Renew glo 3gig for #1000 on my Phantom Z


Since yesterday I've been trying to renew my glo 3gig for #1000 subscription on my tecno A7, but the thing has refused to go through. Each time I send the command I get this response " SORRY, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO MAKE THIS CHANGE . KINDLY CHOOSE ANOTHER DATA PLAN". I don't know what is wrong, because I've been using my phone to do the subscription. My subscription will expire tomorrow and I still have over 1GB unused data, that is why I want to renew it now so that it will be added to the new one. I even transferred my sim to a blackberry phone but the same thing. Please I need help

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Problem solved

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Please r u using this APN; 'blackberry.net' to browse with the subscription? Pls tell me cos wen i activate the apn, i can't browse with it. I'm thinking whether it's bcos am not subscribed to the bb plan but i think it shud browse on normal subscription, or is the apn only 4 bb subscription?

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