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How to flash or write a new Dashboard to a Modem

(This post was last modified: 07-07-2017, 08:58 PM by X3non. )


  • This tutorial is meant for those who for one reason or the other have a broken / faulty dashboard installer
  • This isnt a firmware upgrade neither is it a method of unlocking modems
  • You might be required to buy dc credits depending on the version of DC unlocker that can detect your modem


# See the video tutorial below or @ http://youtu.be/gNypWdbAYEs


  1. Install the modem dashboard using the ISO file (skip this step if the modem has already been installed on the PC)

    [Image: how-to-flash-or-write-a-new-dashboard-to-a-modem-1.png]

  2. Connect the modem and make sure it is detected on the newly installed dashboard

    [Image: how-to-flash-or-write-a-new-dashboard-to-a-modem-2.png]

    [Image: how-to-flash-or-write-a-new-dashboard-to-a-modem-3.png]

  3. Exit the dashboard entirely (this is for proper communication with DC Unlocker)

    [Image: how-to-flash-or-write-a-new-dashboard-to-a-modem-4.png]

  4. Open DC Unlocker

    [Image: how-to-flash-or-write-a-new-dashboard-to-a-modem-5.png]

  5. Select your modem manufacturer type

    [Image: how-to-flash-or-write-a-new-dashboard-to-a-modem-6.png]

  6. Click the search button (once detected, the modem details should be displayed)

    [Image: how-to-flash-or-write-a-new-dashboard-to-a-modem-7.png]

  7. Click on the "FLASH" tab on DC Unlocker

    [Image: how-to-flash-or-write-a-new-dashboard-to-a-modem-8.png]

  8. Click on write dashboard and select the ISO file from the new window that appears

    [Image: how-to-flash-or-write-a-new-dashboard-to-a-modem-9.png]

  9. Finally wait while DC Unlocker completes the flashing / writing process

    [Image: how-to-flash-or-write-a-new-dashboard-to-a-modem-10.png]

  10. Once complete you should get the message "OK! Dashboard sucessfully writed to modem!"

    [Image: how-to-flash-or-write-a-new-dashboard-to-a-modem-11.png]

  11. Disconnect the modem, try to install on another PC to confirm if the flashing worked.

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