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Using android is now awesome since it allows freedom and more tweaks for Root Users.
The Apps listed are used without root and are very cool in everyday life for both pro and novice users.
Note that the List is in no other and all download links are available at http://www.simple7ech.xyz/2015/12/2015-b...-apps.html

Dsploit is one of apps that are very good for hacking on android devices.

Droidsheep is used for testing accounts. It can mess with the firefox of other users on same wifi as you.

Hackode is one of my favorites since it has lots of tools in it which can help in scanning and even teach hacking.

Adrorat is crazy tool for making malicious apps off genuine ones.

Read and download the rest at http://www.simple7ech.xyz/2015/12/2015-b...-apps.html

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