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How to use glo bounce 30mb on Android, PC, Blackberry and other devices

(This post was last modified: 05-01-2014, 09:09 PM by hovatek. )

The glo bounce package gives you 30mb for every recharge of N200 and above. The 30mb is valid for 7 days and you can accumulate your megabytes. You get your 30mb each time even if you recharge 5 times in a day, so it's wisest you break your recharges into 200s to get the maximum free megabytes. 30 mb isn't much on android so follow this guide on id=117] how to control heavy data usage on android so you don't exhaust all your mb in minutes. To migrate to glo bounce, dial *170*4# . To check or confirm if you're on GLO bounce, dial #100# .
The problem experienced here is that when a glo subscriber subscribes for the Glo Bounce data plan, and receives 30MB worth of free internet data to browse with, he/she will not be able to use the free mb and any internet connection whatsoever will only redirect to the glo hsi portal. Also, browsing with an active internet data plan will just ignore the free 30mb data and keep working with the regular plan as normal.

To unlock this mysterious 30mb and get the GLO bounce to work on Android, PC, Blackberry and other devices, all you need to do
is carefully follow the steps I have outlined below:

Step 1: First, you have to be on the glo bounce package then make sure that your mobile phone or modem (whichever one you are trying to browse with) is configured with the gloflat internet setting. This is actually the default internet configuration for Glo, but if you do not already have it active in your mobile phone, you can request for it by texting flat to 1234 .
You could also manually set it up by creating a New configuration:
Account Name: gloflat
Access Point Name (APN): gloflat
Username: flat
Password: flat
Remember to activate it after configuration and set it as default, otherwise it won't work

Step 2: migrate to the Glo PAYU plan (Pay As You Use). To migrate to Glo PAYU, text PAYU to 127 . The Glo PAYU plan is a special plan that allows you to surf the internet at low costs using the available airtime on your phone (Have no fear, you will not lose your airtime). We have discovered that the free 30mb internet data is somehow bundled to your airtime and this means that your glo sim sees it as "airtime", so that's why you need to migrate to Glo PAYU to use it. If you're not migrated to PAYU, keep trying till you get a message like " Dear customer, you are using data at Pay-As-You-Use rates of 5 kobo per kB or N51.20 per MB. Send MENU to 127 for subscriptions as low as N100 for 13MB!"

Step 3: enjoy!

How to check megabyte / data bundle balance on GLO bounce
To Check your Data Balance on Glo Bounce, dial #122#, when you see the popup menu, it'll display your balance.

More about the GLO Bounce package.

GLO bounce isn't a promo, it's a Tariff plan.
Flat calling rate
Customers enjoy onnet and offnet calling rate of 12K/s i.e 12K/s to call ALL networks in Nigeria.
Glo-to-Glo: 12k/sec
Glo to Other Networks: 12k/sec

Peeps rate
Customers on Bounce can call other Bounce customers at a heavily discounted rate of 5K/s and send SMS to same at N3.

Bounce to Bounce: 5k/sec
SMS Rate: N3

Campus zone
Customers who are under the sites classified as campus zone enjoy 5K/s on calls to ALL Glo customers. Customers must opt for this service and it is exclusive to Glo Bounce. Dial *170*9# to opt in

Campus Zone: 5k/sec
* Free night calls
* Use N30 between 00:01 and 23:59 and enjoy free onnet calls from 00:00 to 04:59 every day.

Free data
* Get 30MB free on recharge of N200 and above.
* Valid for 7 days.
* Zero Facebook
* Enjoy free facebook browsing
* Free RBT
* One month free RBT to be enjoyed by customers on migration to Bounce
* Unlimited Free SMS
* Enjoy free SMS on every charged SMS sent (onnet, offnet or IDD).
* Free SMS can only be used for SMS to all networks in Nigeria.

GLO Bounce Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the Glo Bounce plan?
It is a prepaid price plan with very attractive calling rates and so many added value services
2. Who can avail of the BOUNCE Package?
All new and existing prepaid customers
3. How do I migrate to BOUNCE?
Dial *170*4# and when asked for the confirmation press 1
4. How much do I pay for calls on this plan?
¬ Onnet call rate:12K/s
¬ Peeps rate:5K/s to other Glo Bounce numbers
¬ Offnet call rate:12K/s
¬ Campus rate: Onnet-5K/s, Offnet-12K/s
after 1st minute of the day at 40K/s
5. What is the SMS rate for Glo Bounce?
¬ On-net SMS: N4/SMS
¬ Off-net SMS: N4/SMS
¬ Peps rate: N3
¬ International: N10/SMS
6. Is there a rental fee on Bounce
7. What other benefits do I enjoy on Bounce?
Peeps rate: Customers on Bounce can call other Bounce customers at a heavily discounted rate of 5K/s and send SMS to same at N3.
Campus zone: Customers who are under the sites classified as campus sites enjot onnet calls at 5K/s. Customers must opt for this service and it is exclusive to Glo Bounce.
Free night calls: Use N30 between 00:01 and 23:59 and enjoy free onnet calls from 00:00 to 04:59 every day.
Zero Facebook: Enjoy free facebook browsing
Free data: Get 30MB free on recharge of N200 and above. Valid for 7 days.
Free RBT: One month free RBT to be enjoyed by customers on migration to Bounce
Unlimited Free SMS: Enjoy free SMS on every charged SMS sent (onnet, offnet or IDD). Free SMS can only be used for SMS to all networks in Nigeria.
8. Must the 1st minute of the day be onnet?
No. The 1st minute of the day which is charged at 40K/s does not necessarily have to be Glo to Glo calls but it has to be calls within Nigeria.
9. Can the 1st minute of the day which charged at 40K/s be made on international calls?
No. Only local calls charged at 40K/s qualify for the 1st minute of the day
10. Must the 1st minute of the day call be a single call?
No. Numerous local calls can be accumulated to add up to make up the 1st minute of the day call which is charged at 40K/s.
11. Are there F&F numbers in the package. If yes, how many numbers can be registered and what is the tariff?
There is no F&F in Bounce but what you have is more than F&F as you have Peeps caling rate which allows you to call everyone on Bounce at 5K/s. Get your Family & Friends to be on Bounce and you enjoy 5K/s when you call one another.
12. What is a campus zone?
This refers to a territory under sites classified as campus site. Campus sites are base station sites serving campuses of tertiary institutions across the country.
13. How do I opt for Campus Zone?
Dial *170*9# to start enjoying campus zone rates from campuses of tertiary institutions in Nigeria.
14. Must I dial the campus zone rate while on campus?
No. You can dial the code from anywhere but you can only enjoy the rates while on campus
15. Do I have to dial the campus zone code every time I need to make a call from campus
No. It is a one-off opt-in code
16. What is the meaning of Peeps rate?
This means the rate at which you can call other customers on the Bounce profile
17. Will customers on other profiles also enjoy Peeps rate?
No. Peeps rate is exclusive to the Bounce profile
18. Will I enjoy Peeps rate when I call other Glo customers who are not on Bounce?
19. Do I need to opt in or subscribe for Peeps rate?
No. All you have to do is migrate to Bounce profile and you start enjoying the Peeps rate on your calls and SMS to other Bounce customers.
20. What happens to my Peeps rate when I purchase a bundle pack or I’m enjoying some bonus offers?
The rate of the pack or bonus offer will override your Bounce rates in such cases
21. Do I enjoy the campus rate when I’m off campus?
No. You only enjoy campus rate when you are within the range of campus sites.
22. What happens when I’m under campus site and calling Bounce customer?
You will be charged Peeps rate of 5K/s
23. What happens when I’m under campus site and calling other Glo customers?
You will be charged campus rate of 5K/s
24. What happens to my campus zone rate when I purchase a bundle pack or I’m enjoying some bonus offers?
The rate of the pack or bonus offer will override your campus rate in such cases
25. When do I get the free 30MB?
You get the free 30MB when you recharge N200 (non-cumulative) and above .It is valid for 7 days.
26. How much should I recharge to get the free data?
Recharge any amount from N200 and above to get the free 30MB
27. How Many times would I receive the free data if I recharge two hundred naira three times same day?
You will receive free 30MB three times if you recharge N200 three times in a day.
28. Is the free data cumulative?
Yes it is cumulative.
29. How many days validity to I get to utilize the free data?
The free 30MB is valid for 7 days.
30. If I have zero balance on my Main Account and 30MB on my Data Promo Account, would I be able to browse with it?
Yes you would still be able to browse with your free data even when your main account is zero.
31. Do I get the free 30MB if I recharge N100 twice in a day?
No. Only a single recharge of N200 and above earns you the free 30MB.
32. What happens if I recharge with another N200 while I’m yet to exhaust the previous 30MB free data?
You’ll get additional 30MB and this extends the validity of the previous 30MB by another 7 days.
33. Do I get free 30MB even if I recharge N200 or more more than once in a day?
Yes. You get free 30MB on every recharge of N200 or more
34. Do I get free 30MB if I do electronic recharge through ATM, eTop up e.t.c?
35. What is the validity of the free 30MB?
The free 30MB is valid for 7 days. Any unused portion of it expires after 7 days.
36. What can be done with the free 30MB
You can browse any site with your free 30MB. You can check your mail, socialize on facebook, tweet on twitter, search on google e.t.c
37. Can I still browse when I’ve exhausted the free 30MB?
Yes you can. You’ll be charged 5K/kb on further browsing after exhausting the free 5MB.
38. Do I need to re-configure my phone to enjoy the free 30MB?
No, the existing configuration on your phone will work.
39. I have received free 30MB but cannot browse
If you have never used your Glo line to browse before then you should send ‘internet’ to ‘1010’. When you do this, you will get a response which sends the internet settings to you. Follow the instruction and your phone will be set up for browsing. Once this is done, you can start enjoying the free 30MB.
Alternatively, you can manually set up internet on your phone by going through the following steps:
7. The following parameters are to be used (ignore all other prompts or leave them blank):
• Item Parameter
• Name Glo Mobile Internet
• Access Point Name (APN) gloflat
• Username flat
• Password flat
• Homepage http://hsi.glo.com
• Authentication Type Normal or PAP or CHAP or PAP+CHAP (parameter
• varies depending on the type of device
40. Do I need to do anything more after completing the internet setting?
No. Just start enjoying your free 30MB by going to the site you wish to browse.
41. My HSI plan has expired and I’m not able to enjoy the free 30MB?
Make attempt to browse and when you land on the portal click “continue on PAYU’.
Alternatively, send ‘PAYU’ to ‘127’ and start browsing after receiving response from ‘127’.
42. I have a data bundle plan currently running and I still get charged from the bundle despite having the free 30MB.
You cannot enjoy the free 30MB until your existing bundle plan is fully exhausted or expires, whichever is earlier
43. What happens when the free 30MB has been exhausted?
You will continue browsing but will be charged from you main account when your free 30MB has been fully exhausted or expires.
44. What is 0FB?
0FB is a version of facebook that gives free access to facebook users 24/7.
45. Do I enjoy zero Facebook browsing on Bounce?
46. Do I enjoy zero facebook by logging on to Facebook the usual way?
To enjoy the zero facebook, log on to http://0.facebook.com
47. How is it different?
0FB is different from any other facebook offering because it is totally free to the customer. The customer can access it anytime and does not need to wait for particular time bands. The customer does not need to have airtime to enjoy 0FB.
48. What time can I browse facebook for free?
Free browsing on 0FB is available 24/7, 365!
49. How do I qualify for free browsing on facebook?
Be on Glo Bounce.
50. Do I need to configure my phone?
The free browsing is available on WAP and Glo Direct. You will need to set your device up for WAP or Glo Direct.
For WAP, send ‘wap’ to 1234. For Glo Direct, send ‘internet’ to 1234
51. I browse using 0FB and still get charged, what can be wrong?
There are 3 reasons:
a. You have clicked an external link – for instance a video or another website while on facebook. This takes you outside facebook and that link is not free. You will be charged. For example, if you click a YouTube video during this period, you will be charged for it.
b. You will also be charged when you click to open an image. 0FB is text only.
c. Your phone (or other app on your phone) may be running some programs at the background using background data.
52. I browse only facebook but still get charged for zero facebook, what can be wrong?
During the login process, facebook encrypts your user data (username and password) to prevent your account from unauthorized access. During the login process, even our network cannot read the data between your phone and facebook, so the log in process is charged. This is usually not a large amount of data and so will not cost too much – however the amount will vary from device to device. After log in, you will continue to browse for free.
53. I have subscribed to a data bundle on my device, will I still enjoy free facebook browsing on 0FB?
No, unless you change the configuration of your device to WAP or Glo Direct.
54. What if I decide to use the facebook app/client on my device (such as the iPhone app or the Android app), will I be charged? [/b]
Yes. 0FB is text only (via a browser) not via app.
55. What if I connect my phone as a modem to my PC and browse facebook, will I be charged?
We will not charge you for facebook, but because your PC will have other applications running (such as Windows Update, Anti-virus update etc), your computer may browse and download other data that will be outside of facebook. We will charge you for these.
56. Do I enjoy free caller tunes on Bounce?
Yes. You enjoy free caller tune for 30 days when you migrate to Bounce
57. Does Unlimited Free SMS mean that all my SMS will be sent free of charge?
No. It means you get free SMS for every charged SMS sent.
58. What can I do with my free SMS?
You can send your free SMS to ANY network in Nigeria.
59. Is the 40k/sec charge daily?
Yes, but you pay that only for the 1st minute of every day on local calls. Subsequent local calls will either be at Peeps rate, Campus zone rate or 12K/s to others.
60. Can the 1st 60 seconds (1st minute) of the day be cumulative?
The 1st 60 seconds daily threshold can be achieved either through onnet (Glo-to Glo) calls, offnet (Glo to other networks) OR a combination of both onnet and offnet calls
61. Would a combination of national and international calls qualify for the 40k/sec 1st minute daily rate?
No, as they are billed separately.
62. Is the rate for the 3rd minute of the day different from that of the 2nd minute?
No, it is same rate for every chargeable second after the 1st 60 seconds of the day’s local call(s) had been charged at 40K/ sec
63. What happens if the duration of my 1st local call of the day call is less than a minute (60 seconds)?
Bounce is a per second plan so subsequent seconds of your local calls will be cumulated and charged at 40K/sec until the 1st 60 seconds threshold for the day is attained from when you start getting charged either 5K/s or 12K/s depending on the call direction and your location (on or off campus).
64. Can existing customers migrate to the new BOUNCE package?
Yes. Existing customers can migrate to the plan using the USSD code *170*4#
65. Will new activations enjoy this tariff and benefits by default?
No. New activations are on a default tariff of Infinito. New as well as existing customers will have to dial the USSD migration code *170*4# to migrate to BOUNCE.
66. How can I de-register from the BOUNCE package?
By dialing the respective USSD code of the new package to which you want to migrate.
67. What will happen to customers’ main account and promo account balance on migration? 
 Customer will lose ONLY the balance in the promo account on migration.
68. Is free night calling benefits available on BOUNCE?
Yes. Free Night Calling is available on BOUNCE. The qualification parameter is a daily usage of N30 and above between 00:01 and 23:59 to enjoy Free Night Calls in the night between 12am and 4.59am.
69. Is Glo Bounce a promotional offer?
No, Glo Bounce is a prepaid tariff plan
70. When is the Glo Bounce ending?
Glo Bounce plan has no end date as it is a prepaid plan and not a promotional offer.
Need further assistance? Speak with a Hovatek Representative:
Working Hours: Mondays - Saturdays ; 09:00 - 18:00 (GMT +1:00)
Do i get migrated out of glo bounce when i migrate to payu?
Need further assistance? Speak with a Hovatek Representative:
Working Hours: Mondays - Saturdays ; 09:00 - 18:00 (GMT +1:00)
I was migrated out of the bounce plan. I've been dailing the codes since with no response. Any suggestions on what I should do?
@chris619, that's most likely because your line was inactive for a while. Call customer care and ask to be migrated back to GLO Bounce.
Need further assistance? Speak with a Hovatek Representative:
Working Hours: Mondays - Saturdays ; 09:00 - 18:00 (GMT +1:00)

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