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[Please help] Urgent!!! Unable to flash stock ROM...



I only manage to flash stock ROM (B114) by unticking the checkbox for PRELOADER under DOWNLOAD mode via SPFT v3.1320. However, I was unable to boot up upon flashing both the CWM/TWRP recovery images to my Huawei Ascend G700-U10. I suspect the problem caused by the PRELOADER file that failing the booting process....Anybody has ever encountered this issue without ticked the PRELOADER checkbox during stock ROM flashing? Kindly advise. Thanks.

next2u01Greetings,I only manage to flash stock ROM (B114) by unticking the checkbox for PRELOADER under DOWNLOAD mode via SPFT v3.1320. However, I was unable to boot up upon flashing both the CWM/TWRP recovery images to my Huawei Ascend G700-U10. I suspect the problem caused by the PRELOADER file that failing the booting process....Anybody has ever encountered this issue without ticked the PRELOADER checkbox during stock ROM flashing? Kindly advise. Thanks.Regards,

the phone didn't come on at all OR its stuck at boot after flashing?
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(01-03-2016, 11:57 AM)X3non Wrote: next2u01Greetings,I only manage to flash stock ROM (B114) by unticking the checkbox for PRELOADER under DOWNLOAD mode via SPFT v3.1320. However, I was unable to boot up upon flashing both the CWM/TWRP recovery images to my Huawei Ascend G700-U10. I suspect the problem caused by the PRELOADER file that failing the booting process....Anybody has ever encountered this issue without ticked the PRELOADER checkbox during stock ROM flashing? Kindly advise. Thanks.Regards,

the phone didn't come on at all OR its stuck at boot after flashing?


My phone always stucked @ boot loop & vibrated before reboot. It seemes to be caused by corrupted/crashed/incompatible recovery image flashed using Flashify/Nandroid apps. However, I managed to restore & upgrade my stock recovery to CWM recovery via SPFT v3.1320 under DOWNLOAD mode.


Finally I was able to boot up my Huawei G700-U10 with the latest touch-enabled recovery, TWRP v2.8.4.0 installed via CWM recovery upgraded from stock recovery. Yet I still need to UNtick the PRELOADER option (still trying to figure out why SPFT always throws an exception 6010 & 6012, perhaps formatting PRELOADER partition is illegal & unlawful without proper signature or by other means if any) before flashing & I can just simply restore my phone from boot loop by reflashing my stock recovery (checked only RECOVERY option but the rest remain unchecked). Specially thanks for you guys expertise in guiding me to unbrick my phone...Really appreciate your kind assistance.


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