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[Custom ROM] JellyPop Mod Rom Tecno M3 and H5

(This post was last modified: 09-01-2016, 09:15 AM by hovatek. )

Some guide for using this ROM: (must read)

[Image: tecno-m3-h5-custom-rom-1.png]

[Image: tecno-m3-h5-custom-rom-2.png]

[Image: tecno-m3-h5-custom-rom-3.png]

1) OG Battery MOD added.
(to select battery style tap 3times on battery icon or
go to settings\display\battery style & select your
battery style)
2) google keyboard 5.0 (lollipop) material added.
(to select material theme, go to settings\language &
input\google keyboard settings\Advanced settings
\color scheme & select material)
3) Lollipop Messenger added.
(if you send SMS from messenger its send from
sim-1. but receive on both sim. its not ROM's bug.
its Lollipop messenger's style if you want to send
SMS from sim-2 then send from default JB MMS
app or go to messenger\settings\my phone number
& save your sim-2 number)
5) Lollipop
gapps added.
(its use more RAM. so if you don't use gapps then
freeze gapps to more free ram)
6) Material style file manager added.
(to stop unofficial popup
select don't show again & press OK)
7) Lollipop plat logo & game added.
(to play game long press on plat logo then select
Lland & press always)

9) must install busy box pro (latest) for proper work
all tweaks.
★★★ Others ★★★
-Bugles pure AOSP -Duel 3g
-22 style battery icon. 18 with %
-De-odexed -zipalingned -init.d supported
-3g speed boost
-Material dark looks
-Battery tweak
-CPU tweak
-Better RAM management
-Better camera quality
-Sense 4style recent app -transparent notification
tile & toggles & more..
**********Installation guide **********
>Make sure your phone is rooted and clockwork mod installed
>Reboot your phone into recovery mode
>Backup your current rom (recommended)
>Wipe data/factory Reset
>Wipe cache Partition
>Mount & Storage/ Format
>Advance/ Wipe Dalvik Cache
Now Go Back
Install Zip From SDcard
Choose Zip From SD Card
Bug nop...!!! You tell me... Whatsapp me on tha number in ma profile....
LINK FOR TECNO M3 https://www.dropbox.com/s/l2by0pd2uwut9c...0.zip?dl=0

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.png   Screenshot_2015-01-13-18-04-31.png (Size: 176.66 KB / Downloads: 214)
upload it to Google drive
Nice @ Olang. Does it work for the new Tecno M3?
(01-26-2015, 07:05 AM)androgen Wrote: Nice @ Olang. Does it work for the new Tecno M3?

Nop I've not tested in new m3
Am waiting for the googl link
What of the link for Tecno H5?
(02-05-2015, 08:56 AM)androgen Wrote: What of the link for Tecno H5?

H5 coming up on Monday... just hold on
New os tecno m3 rom ryt??
I've not tested it on new m3. but I don't think it will work coz they have different kernels. .you can port it.
Please send me Tecno M3 rom for sp flashtool

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