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[Tweak] How to hack a Symbian phone using Norton Symbian Hack (Symbian V3 & 5 Anna or Belle)

(This post was last modified: 08-30-2016, 05:12 AM by hovatek. )

Things Needed

* Symbian phone
* Download [ Please, Login to view this link]
* Download [ Please, Login to view this link]
* Download [ Please, Login to view this link]

This tool can help you fix errors like

- Unable to install a protected application from untrusted supplier (Need sign)
- Expired certificate (time is not correct or you may take the time back)
- Certificate may not valid (is expired or phone date may be incorrect)
- Unable to install, Constrained by the certificate (Need sign)
- Certificate error, Contact the application supplier (Need sign)
- Application not supported
- File corrupted
- Update error
- Unable to install
- Installer feature not supported

- Hacking enables you do more on your Symbian phone, just like rooting on Android
- If you'd previosuly hacked your phone, you'll need to format it by dialling *#7370# then enter the security code (default is 12345)
- Ensure to disable or uninstall any antivirus


1. Install NortonSymbiaHack.sisx
2. Launch NortonSymbiaHack and click Options > Anti-Virus > Quarantine List > Option again > Restore and Accept prompt > Exit the Norton Application

[Image: hack_symbian_1.jpg]

3. Go to Apps Manager and delete Symantec Symbian Hack

[Image: hack_symbian_2.jpg]

3b. Open your x-plore and delete folder C:/shared/folder

[Image: hack_symbian_3.jpg]

4. Launch ROM Patcher Plus and apply All patches > Apply > Restore for full access to file system and install all applications...

[Image: hack_symbian_4.jpg]

If you get a cancel sign, get the supported installserver.exe from the Installserver_all_in_1pack.zip file. It also comes with a  Symbian Device List to determine your appropriate installserver

5. Move you
r installserver to C:\sys\bin.

[Image: hack_symbian_5.jpg]

If the bin folder is not in C:\sys then create a new folder in C:\sys, name it bin and move the installserver.exe to it

6. Done


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