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[Tutorial] How to hard reset a Symbian phone


Method 1: Factory Settings

If you can still access the menu to perform basic operations For Nokia N8, Nokia N97, Nokia C6, C5, E8, E6, Nokia 5800 and almost all Nokia phones (both symbian and series 40):

- Power on the phone
- At the home screen, press *#7370#
- Enter your phone security code (default is 12345) and the phone restarts.
- It will boots up with the default factory settings restored.

Method 2: Hard Nokia Reset

If you can not access the phone normally or it is unable to boot-up due to certain reasons, you need to use some key combinations to get your symbian device working again.

1. Make sure the device is turned off

2. Press and hold this listed keys:

How to Hard Reset Nokia N8, Nokia C7 , Nokia E7 and other Symbian ^3 or Anna at Boot-up

- Press Menu key + Camera key + The Volume Down button
- Press The Power key (ON & Off button) together to turn on the phone.
- Make sure you hold them (The 4 keys) until the device asks for your location.
- This hard reset button combination perfectly works on other Symbian ^3 and Symbian Anna touch-screen smartphones.

How to Hard Reset Nokia N97 at Boot-up

- Press Left Shift key + Space Bar + Back key + Power key

- Make sure you hold them until the device asks for your location.

How to Hard Reset Nokia 5800 at Boot-up

- Press Green key + Red call keys + Camera key + Power key at the same time.

- Hold them until the device boots up and asks for country.

How to Hard Reset Other Nokia Phones

For other Nokia phones, I mean only Nokia symbian phones with normal keypads such as Nokia E5, N95, N81, N73, E65, E51, E55
Including symbian v2 like Nokia N70, Nokia 6600, 6630,3230 etc. you can perform a hard reset by using the key combination that works for all S60V3 and S60V5 phones.
- Re-insert the battery or power off your phone
- Press and hold the following keys:
Star (*) key + key 3 + Call or green key + Power key
- Keep holding till the phone boots up and asks for your country.  


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