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[Custom ROM] TresBien Note 4 CUSTOM ROM For TECNO H7

(This post was last modified: 09-20-2016, 08:00 AM by ebuksdroid. )

I was toying with my device,and thought that I should get the prettier rom for Tecno H7 and finally i managed to port the HDC Galaxy Note 4 firmware to our beloved H7


-Note 4 Lockscreen
-Note 4 Launcher
-Note 4 Weather Widget
-S5/N4 Status Bar
-S5 Camera App
-S5 Settings
-WORKING Ultra Power Saving Mode
-S5 Calculator
-S Memo
-S-View cover support
-Samsung Music app
-Samsung Dialer
-Samsung Calendar
-Kid Mode
-S Health
-Air Command
-Air Gesture

[Image: Screenshot_2015-01-15-10-26-37.png]

[Image: Screenshot_2015-01-15-15-01-11.png]

[Image: Screenshot_2015-01-15-21-34-13.png]

[Image: Screenshot_2015-01-15-09-51-29.png]

[Image: Screenshot_2015-01-15-15-25-58.png]

[Image: Screenshot_2015-01-15-14-14-28.png]

[Image: Screenshot_2015-01-02-23-34-18.png]

[Image: Screenshot_2015-01-02-21-54-04.png]

[Image: Screenshot_2015-01-16-03-04-26.png]
-a rooted Tecno H7
-CWM Recovery


-Gesture wake(Our device doesn´t support it by hardware,so it obviously won´t work)
-only 1 SIM card slot can be used(the HDC Note 4 ROM i ported didnt have support for the second SIM slot anyways...)



1.Copy the ROM to the phone
2.Enter CWM recovery by holding VOL UP + Power button
3.Wipe Data->Factory Reset
4.Wipe Cache
5.Advance->Wipe Dalvik Cache
6.Install zip


How can I resize the phone app
(02-16-2015, 10:18 AM)samodan Wrote: How can I resize the phone app

you could rename the hdpi folder to xhdpi and vice versal or you could manually edit the sizes of the target images after opening the apk using 7zip then send back
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And the ROM seems to be themed as I tap the android version in about phone I see the kit kat 4.4.4 next I see jelly beans all over the screen instead of some switchable cards with droids and or other things on them . I am confused
The rom is not kitkat it is kitkat themed, the phone app is over sized like the 5.7" on the note 4, I tried resizing with xposed, no avail, the mobile ? data comes up most times without connecting until like 7 mins before connecting. Most of the quick toggles don't work at all unless you go into the settings, the fingerprint lock ? screen should not be included since the h7 does not house ? a finger print scanner , the boot logo first shows "experience smart life now" before showing some rubbished messed up write up then the oversized samsung logo comes up , the ultra powersave mode works in a weird diffrent from note 4 way but still a little bit ok, when you tap several times on the 4.4.4 version it brings up the usual k then android 4.4.4 then stupid jelly beans all over the screen that got me tensed up and frustrated, it also comes with this old version of antutu benchmark i tried updating from the play store that failed, so I the phone and deleted the antutu and installed the latest from play store but still told me "unsupported update" most of these made my phone look like a cloned note 4. I commend their work on even porting this rom the battery lasted ok but I think they should have worked more on this thing and perfected it before releasing the rom. Sadly I had to flash my old stock rom back they should work on these rom or release another rom ported from a 5" phone ? like the s5 which is unnoticably 5.1" or the s4 which is 5".?


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