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[Tool] SPFlashtools scatter loading error ( NO NOOB real problem )

(This post was last modified: 01-21-2015, 03:11 AM by the_grinch. )

Oh yes ... :/ I was tired, I forgot than I just have to rename the file in userdata.img (or data.img, depends on scatter)

I just have another problem :

Quote:- partition_index: SYS18
 partition_name: USRDATA
 file_name: userdata.img
 is_download: true
 type: EXT4_IMG
 linear_start_addr: 0x45800000
 physical_start_addr: 0x45800000
 partition_size: 0x100000000

 region: EMMC_USER
 boundary_check: true
 is_reserved: false
 operation_type: UPDATE
 reserve: 0x00

Start address => for me : linear_start_addr: 0x45800000
Length => for me : partition_size: 0x100000000

But I got an error : (E_APP_ADDR_ALIGN_RB)

[Image: RQCFUgZ.jpg]

Same error for : 0x045800000 and 0x100000000 (added a "0" before the "4" in the start address)

I cant understand cause my scatter is really correct ( from stock rom AND Blockmaps of MTKDroidTool...)

SPFT makes me really angry... it doesnt allow me doing what I want to do ... and for no reason, cause everything is correct ! I didnt change anything, just read stock scatter (same as readed scatter)..

Really strange this story ...

I'm trying to backup with "adb shell" and "dd if=... of=.../userdata.img"...


Ok, I copied the whole partition from adb shell with dd if=/dev/block/name_of_partition of=/emmc/userdata.img
SP Flash tool loaded the file !!!

[Image: 2tIaFmY.jpg]

But the ending address is not the same as in the scatter file !

I'll try to restore it when I have the time !

pls I need gionee p2s flash file
(10-11-2016, 07:09 PM)Abu_sadid Wrote: pls I need gionee p2s flash file

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