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How to recover infinix hot 2 marshmallow from bootloop without Actually loosing file


This's actually one of the few threads I have created here, I ought to have posted this months back while I was still in lollipop but I felt its a trick known by all. only to find out people are still complaining of boot loop & flashing via sp flashtool on one of the threads I visited. So I decided on sharing this little tip.

This post is dedicated to my friends who knows nothing about this before, not the know it all masters.


If you get stocked in boot loop,just power off the phone, take out the battery and slot it back in.

Now power on the phone,once you see the infinix logo just be patient for about 2 to 3 seconds now tap on the vol- button 3,4 or 5 times very very fast,by doing so you will actually notice your device vibrate.continue to tap on the vol- button till it no longer vibrates.that vibration you just noticed is actually recovering your device from looping. Now sit back and wash your device boot normally. ALL OF YOUR APPS AND DATAS WILL REMAIN

Once again be patient cos it will take a little while before it gets booted but it definitely will that is if you experience your device vibrate when performing that combo above.

NB-Confusedometimes after booting your device might optimized,be patient still.

NB: If you are having xposed running on your device the xposed installer will no longer work for you. but its modules data's and the framework you flashed from recovery will remain. In other words the xposed installer is the only thing you'll loose. Move to the app drawer uninstall xposed installer and reinstall. now reboot the framework.

don't be afraid it will boot flawlessly. After rebooting activate the xposed modules you where using before. reboot as normal.

This recovering process is confirmed working on INNJOO HALO KitKat(yes innjoo halo), INFINIX HOT 2 lollipop with infinix ROM and of course INFINIX HOT 2 marshmallow ROM(hovateks ROMdump February build) which can be downloaded here

[ Please, Login to view this link]

Please someone should get it tested on stock lollipop & the direct marshmallow OTA ROM from google. I would have tested it myself just that I don't have those ROMS with me.
PLEASE if you don't know how to recover a device with any means please don't test any ROM.

I mean never flash in a ROM just because you want to be a tester. I Mr V or hovatek will not be held responsible for any damage/s caused by you.your device YOUR RESPONSIBILITY

SUGGESTION: It should be tested on other phone brands like tecno,Gowin,Gionee and the likes.since I tested it working on injoo halo KitKat

Good luck guys enjoy testing


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