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[Tutorial] New Proxy Server For MTN 0.0 Unlimited


We all enjoyed the MTN 0.0 unlimited using
the Magic Ip before it was blocked about two
weeks ago, we keep looking for working
servers to continue the unlimited browsing
till We finally came across this working jumia
server. It is working wella and flawlessly with
any of your VPN tunneling application like:

→syphon shield
→Psiphon handler
→Netify VPN

And lots more

To continue browsing free and unlimited on
MTN using the magic ip you need to replace
your former server which is
Http:// to jumia.com.ng

This Settings works with all netify related
VPN, that is all vpn with handler menu.

Download Netify VPN

Configure as
Mark remove port
Mark remove port
proxy type- REAL HOST
proxy server- jumia.com.ng
real proxy type- inject
real proxy port-80
Click on save→ Accept whole device
Go to more options menu and tick connect
through an HTTP then use the following
PORT– 8080
→ Navigate back to Netify menu and hit

NetLoop Settings For MTN 0.0

The Vpn formally known as simple Android
server has now been upgraded and the new
name is now Netloop Vpn

Download Netloop Vpn

Configure it as shown below
First of all, you have to configure your
phone's APN
Name: bugwap
APN: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
Proxy: empty
Port: empty→
Netloop Settings
Click on set connection mode and choose
Local server
click connection settings , tick enable Proxy
Then input
Proxy Host:
Proxy Port: 8080
Tick enable header tweaking
Touch: Choose Tweak Type
select host replacement
injection host: jumia.com.ng
Now connect your Netloop and start
browsing and flexing unlimited

→Note: If it didn't connect at first trial,
switch on and off your Data connection and
you're done.
Didnt work here
Its fake
It's real just that it doesn't last. Something around 45mb

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