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Common Blackberry Problems and Solutiions.


1. Blackberry problem 1: Screen frozen
This is a typical problem among Blackberry users. Something freezes and you can’t do anything on your phone. You can’t click or scroll. There are two methods to fix this: soft reset and hard reset. To reset it softly, press Alt + right
Cap + Delete. It would restart your phone. Does that help? If
not, then go for hard reset. Shut down the
phone. Remove the battery cover and battery.
Wait for a minute, and now reinsert the battery
and cover.

2. My Blackberry battery dies every day!
If you're using 3G blackberry turn it to 2G. You
internet will be still fast for receiving emails.
You might experience slowness in web
browsing. You might need to check whether
your battery gets hot very fast, if it does its
time to change your battery.
3. My Blackberry is always running low on
You can do few things to keep from low
memory. First you could do a battery pull
which is a temporary solution, but going to
Options/Status/Database sizes to check what is
eating up memory is more useful. You can
then tweak the settings for each data set
accordingly to raise memory levels. You can
also clear your log memory by pressing alt +
4. Error 507!!!
Error 507 is one of the most feared errors in
the BlackBerry universe, but can be easy to
fix. Try this- download the latest OS from your
operator who should have a version available.
Once downloaded you should run it. Now
delete vendor.xml from the C: drive on your
computer and start BlackBerry Desktop
Manager. Connect your BlackBerry and you
should be able to re-install the OS. Hopefully
you already have a recent backup of your
5. My Blackberry is not charging!!!
Over time the BlackBerry charger connector
can move so that it no longer makes a
connection. To correct the problem,
try the following:
1. Take out the battery on the device.
2. Using a flat object such as a small flat
head screwdriver, push down the
connector prongs so they are closer to
the bottom (longer part) of where the
charger plugs in.
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