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Headline: Itel features Android 8.0 Oreo; launches the Itel S42, A44 & A44 Pro... LEARN MORE (Mar, 2018)
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[Headline] iOS 9.3 is available today, and it will help you sleep better


[Image: ios-9-3-hero-320-80.jpg]

Apple has introduced that iOS 9.3 is to be available today for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and of course it will be thoroughly free.

IOS 9.3 brings a bunch of new elements, together with night Shift mode, which gets rid of blue mild from your display for when you are reading in dark environments. The benefit? Better sleep, says Apple, because it is not going to affect your circadian rhythms.

The Notes app has additionally been made extra at ease, with users ready to lock notes using touch id. There's also multi-consumer help, but it's confined to sharing between students for now.

There is extra, together with some minor tweaks to information, CarPlay and Apple wellbeing, the last of which brings Apple Watch integration. You'll find the complete record of iOS 9.3 features here

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