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Headline: Itel features Android 8.0 Oreo; launches the Itel S42, A44 & A44 Pro... LEARN MORE (Mar, 2018)
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[Headline] Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Tipped to Launch With Android N in July


[Image: samsung_galaxy_note_5_spen_hands_1official.jpg]

Samsung in August last year launche its phablet,  the galaxy note 5.  However, seven months after that we are hearing initial rumors of its successor, the galaxy note 6

The Samsung Galaxy notice 6 will reportedly be launching in July rather than August like last year, reportedly by a Korean internet site The Bell (via Phonearena), however,  it os expected to launch mid july and to be codenamed "Grace".

The device is even tipped to run Android N operating system out-of-the-box, which is plausible, as the OS is already in beta testing and will be publicly announced in May at the Google I/O 2016 conference.

Nothing  Else mentioned but rumors from around hiny that the phome would be coming in 5.8-inch display compared to galaxy note 5 which is in 5.7-inch display.
Though nothing has been confirmed yet but it is rumored that it will have 6GB ram, 128GB storage expansion and a 12 mega-pixel camera (which might be the same as the galaxy s7 and galaxy s7 edge) and obviously the S-PEN still nothing has been confirmed  just yet.

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