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[Tweak] How to save a page for offline reading in Google Chrome for Android


With this simple trick, you won't need an internet connection whenever you wish to access your favorite bookmarked content.


1. Open the page you wish to bookmark and press the Menu button at the top right corner

[Image: How-to-save-a-page-for-offline-reading-o...roid-1.png]

2. Tap Print

[Image: How-to-save-a-page-for-offline-reading-o...roid-2.png]

3. Tap the PDF download icon (circle at top-right corner)

[Image: How-to-save-a-page-for-offline-reading-o...roid-3.png]

4. Tap Save

[Image: How-to-save-a-page-for-offline-reading-o...roid-4.png]


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