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[Headline] Tecno HIOS: how intellegent can it be


[Image: tecno1.jpg]

We all know what user interface is undoubtedly,  samsung got the touchwiz UI, infinix got the XUI so tecno has decided to join the train with its HIOS UI which is said to debut in the tecno J8.

Well lets take a look at what we should be expecting and if its intellegent as other UI or its just another load of crap

1. Music gestures: music can be change without necessarily putting on the screen display first wow

2. Quick gestures: well just like most phones out there that come with quick gestures like M for music, C for camera etc.  Tecno custom UI (HIOS) comes with quick gestures to help navigating to different apps even when the screen display is off.

3. Take screenshots with 3 fingers: well this had got to be an awesome move due to the fact that most phones out there need either an app or holding power button and volume down to take screenshots.  Tecno HIOS will come with the three finger gesture to take screenshot by just swiping down with 3 fingers.

4. Tapping to wake: Most phones require the use of power button to wake and sleep phone but the HIOS would require just tapping the screen to wake/sleep the phone.

5. Wave to answer:  By moving your palm across the screen to recieve calls.

Check out other features, price and specs of tecno J8 said to be coming with the Tecno HIOS user interface
Am pumped for this i can't wait..

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