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[Headline] Blackberry move to release mid-range smartphones running andriod os


[Image: blackberry_priv_front_side.jpg]

A new development is what i think this is after there released their high-end blackberry priv, the company CEO John Cheng in an interview said the company wolill be launching two mid-range smartphones this year.
Could this be a move based on the fact that Facebook and WhatsApp are withdrawing support for BlackBerry devices? I don't know tho but its a nice development, though exact time of relaese isnt out yet but let's welcome BlackBerry to the andriod world properly because the so called android blackberry priv is way too high in terms of price and I don't really look at BlackBerry 10 phones as android running smartphones though (my opinion).

Speaking to The National website, Chen added that out of the two smartphones, one will be full touchscreen while the other one will featuring a physical Qwerty keyboard. Nothing else was mentioned about the handsets. He additionally said the prices of the two smartphones will be around $300-400 (N59,760-N79,680)


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