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[Tutorial] How to Flash Dead Nokia Mobile Phones with USB Data Cable

(This post was last modified: 01-31-2015, 01:57 PM by Keslar. )

You can flash your dead Nokia mobile phone by yourself using a USB data cable/connectivity cable. The tool, which is required to flash the phone, is Nokia’s Phoenix Service Software. Please remember that you can perform a successful flash on your phone only if its firmware has been lost or corrupted. If your phone is not turning on due to any hardware issue, then this procedure will not work for it. To flash a dead Nokia mobile phone, follow the below steps:

1. Download and install the Phoenix Service Software
2. Download the firmware of your phone. You can download it with Navifrim or can search it on the web
3. Install the firmware to the directory C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\Folder*
4. The Folder* should be created manually for the concerned firmware, if it is not created during firmware installation. If the firmware files are in form of .zip or any other compression, then extract/copy the firmware files to the specified location. For example, for keeping the firmware files of  RM-240, the location will be C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-240
5. The above mentioned location is default for Phoenix Service Software. If you have installed the Phoenix Service Software in a different location, then make sure to keep the folder with firmware files within Products folder
6. After successful installation, launch Phoenix Service Software
7. Connect your mobile phone using the USB data cable/connectivity cable of the phone
8. Select “No Connection” in Phoenix Service Software window as shown below

[Image: Dead-USB-Flash-1.png]

9. Now click on “File” and then on “Open Product“

[Image: Dead-USB-Flash-2.png]

10. Select the product version for your phone from the list. You can find it under the battery in your phone. If you don’t know, which firmware is suitable for it, then search it on the web by model name

[Image: Flash-Dead-Nokia-Phones-New.png]

11. Now click on “Flashing” and then on “Firmware Update“

[Image: Dead-USB-Flash-4.png]

12. Click on the bordered button to select variants for your phone as shown below

[Image: Dead-USB-Flash-5.png]

13. Select the desired variant/product code for flashing with

[Image: Dead-USB-Flash-6.png]

14. Note that the variants should be shown in the appeared window if the concerned firmware files are present in the correct directory within the folder with firmware name as C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\xx-xxx (xx-xxx is the firmware version. e.g: RM-240)

15. After selecting the variant/product code, check the box with “Dead phone USB flashing” and then click on “Refurbish“

[Image: Dead-USB-Flash-7.png]

16. A dialogue may appear with some instructions, follow them to continue

[Image: dead-usb-flash-9.jpg]

17. Wait for the flashing to complete

[Image: flash-nokia-phones-with-usb-cable.png]

18. Your phone will be restarted after successful flash

[Image: dead-usb-flash-8.jpg]

Insructions: If your mobile phone is not detected by the Phoenix Service Software, then you may need to install the PC Suite of the phone or the flashing drivers manually.

Request Firmware (in .exe form) Here

Credit: https://www.supportivehands.net

where can i get firmware for asha 201
(04-04-2015, 05:52 PM)kay4dam69 Wrote: where can i get firmware for asha 201

Make sure u download the latest one both MCU,PPM,CNT nokiafirmwarefile.blogspot.com/2013/02/nokia-201-rm-7991195-latest-firmware.html?m=1

Sent from my Teecno F7 using Hovatek mobile
It is showing "getting list of files to be flashed failed.. .the RM files is not found..
Infinity best is easier to use

Sent from my Infinix X510 using Tapatalk

The Phoenix software couldn't detect any product code. My phoenix software was installed in program Files x86 and I've moved the rm-635 for my Nokia 2690 into the product folder. But it still didn't detect product code either manually or automatically
(07-15-2016, 07:21 PM)walexydakinga Wrote: The Phoenix software couldn't detect any product code. My phoenix software was installed in program Files x86 and I've moved the rm-635 for my Nokia 2690 into the product folder. But it still didn't detect product code either manually or automatically

here you can download latest walton firmware please check this site <a href="http://www.flashfile9.com/p/download-walton-mobile-flash-file-stock.html"/>walton flash file</a>
Infinity best is easier to use

Sent from my Infinix HOT 4 using Tapatalk
yeah bro infinity is easy and safe to use  and i have tried Phoenix PSS 2012.04.003.47798 unable to wake dead phone just use for normal flashing
I met a complex problem(at least it's complex for me)

I bought second-hand Asha210(RM-924), and find it is an Indian version with a China version shell and Chinese system. However I didn't know this before I restore factory setting with Nokia Software Recovery Tool.

After restoring operation, I was shock by the English interface.So I tried to flash a Chinese Mainland version in it, I failed server times by using Phoenix.

I downloaded Phoenix 2010 Creacked but it said " Cannot load, the product RM-924 is not recognised."
Google this message, some websites say one way could solve this: write a sentence in to phoenix.ini
restarted Phoenix, scaned phone, failed with a notice window(blank window, no any messages).
But I could see the phone type in "open a product" list, and tried to select my phone manually, double click, the bottom flashed a message "initialize product:RM-924", then back to manual phone type chooesing window.

As I see, maybe the Phoenix version is too old to recognize this phone.
Download the latest versionTonguehoenix_Service_Software_2012.50.001.49220_Cracked
when I installed it, some errors emerged "C:\Program Files(x86)\Nokia\Phoenix\Phoenix_Service_Software.msi An error occurred while trying to copy a file: The source file is corrupted."
By the way, my computer :Windows 7 Ultimate X64 SP1 and running the installation as administrtor.

That all if any masters need more details, I will tell you all I konw.

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