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pls I need a game


Good evening Admin. Pls I need a mission game that is pad enabled that can play in laptop(2 gig ram). Pls I'll be very glad if u give me link on where to download it..
hydronetboss is into gaming, he should be able to help

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download and try gta san andres
part1: http://www.tusfiles.net/1nr93gwemvjg
part2: http://www.tusfiles.net/sdy0vmf905p3
part3 http://www.tusfiles.net/9574rmp9htpz

total size approx 700mb
Pls how do I install it into my system? Its all in .rar format

Sorry its coming late.Try call of duty....but the type of call of duty you play depends on the hardware you have on your laptop......other games you can try are...gtaIV,counterstrike,freedom fighters..working on getting the links now
Extract them using winrar
If it is a pirated game search for the exe file that shows the game's icon then double click....if everything is well it should launch......do u still need the links
@hydronetboss yes I do
Check the sub-thread 'hackers untold'....but warning make sure thAt your pc meets the minimun requirements
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I thought you would like to pick the games you like xo check this site http://www.blackboxrepack.com
They reduce the size of downloads and have almost every game that has been cracked...make sure your laptop meets the minimum requirement else you may not enjoy the game
...Kindly. Rate me if I have solved your p


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