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what to do for the meantime for blackberry users.!!

(This post was last modified: 04-21-2016, 05:12 AM by matybazz. )

Following the anouncement of withdrawal of whatsapp and blackberry API for BB users its really a sad thing but then there are trying to tell us blackberry aint sh##t anymore, excuse my manners but should we say there are just being inconsiderate or blackberry has refused to meet their demands in anyways it is really crazy withdrawing these two social media platform apps from blackberry.

Well the update have started rolling in especially facebook and after the update once you click the app icon it redirects you to the web page (like I can't do that on my own with a web browser *straightface*).

The temporal solution is to not update facebook for now until it probably becomes by fire by force and for whatsapp let's keep our fingers crossed and wish they forget to withdraw (if wishes were horses *grin*).

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