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[Tutorial] How to setup ringtone in windows phone.


Alot of people find it hard to select a song to use as thier ringtone in windows phone the goodnews is you can choose what ever song you want apart from the inbuilt or traditional boring ringtones that came with our windows phone. The bad news is you have to cut the song first or how ever you want it, but its still all good i guess next time i will leave the badnews part and just dive in..

1. First navigate to ringtone maker (inbuilt app that comes with every windows phome)

[Image: wp_ss_20160421_0003.png]

2. Just select the song you want to use as your ringtone and cut the part you want where ever you want your ringtone to start from.

[Image: wp_ss_20160421_0004.png]

3. Now when your done getting the part you want save it.

[Image: wp_ss_20160421_0005.png]

[Image: wp_ss_20160421_0006-1.png] °°°°°

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