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need help on installing xposed on camon c8 running marahmallow


(05-16-2016, 07:22 AM)vitriol Wrote: Hmm,my device is arm64..its not working .so that means no camon c8 user on marshmallow has xposed

Won't using arm on arm64 brick my device ?

Been following in the background and i have given up too,  non of the xposed framework will work... Tried them all. 

Reflashed stock rom,  upgraded to marshmallow,  flashed again  cwm,  flashed xposed again but in vain... the device wont just fire up past the tecno logo. 

If theres any one with some trick to make it work it would be greatly appreciated if they shared.
Mine not working too it seems like xposed framework is not supported yet r
For marshmallow on c8

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