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[Tutorial] Question and Answers on China Phone Software and Hardware Part 1


Question and Answers on China Phone Software and Hardware Part 1

Q1. What is format ffs?
It is the arrangement of data To comply with the phone.
After format ffs phone gets it's default state,all the user data gets delete and bug/viruses are removed.

Q2. What are different types of flashes?

Q3. How many different CPU's are there in China phones ?
A.different CPUs and flash types (MTK , SPD Spreadtrum, TI Texas Instrument, Skyworks, AD Analog Device, Infineon)

Q4. Can we list Cpu types?
CPU type

More types

6800..... etc.

Q5. What is NAND and NOR?

i)NOR:.Intel introduced the first commercial NOR type flash chip in 1988.NOR-based flash has long erase and write times, but provides full address and data buses, allowing random access to any memory location.

ii)NAND:.NAND is the 2nd type of flash . It has faster erase and write times, and requires a smaller chip area per cell .Tt also has up to ten times the endurance of NOR flash. However, the I/O interface of NAND flash does not provide a random-access external address bus. Rather, data must be read on a block-wise basis, with typical block sizes of hundreds to thousands of bits.

Q6. What is PSRAM?
A.Pseudo-Static Random Access Memory

Q7. What are different pinouts of china phone
Power on

Q8. my phone is getting power on with battery but not with Power supply?
A.Use 4.2 in power supply it will power on.Normally china phones need more than 1100 mA current to power on that's why they need 4.2 V.

Q9. Using china tool boot loader lines run and then stops but phone fails to power on?
A.HW fault check where the power line is broken/cut.Make jumper.

Q10. What is jumper?
A. short lenght of wire used temporarily to complete a circuit or to bypass a break in a ciruit.

Q11. My phone is not scanning with any tool although it's ON?
A.1.Charging jack bad soldered.(If not then)
2.Ur phne will be other than MTK and u may be trying in MTK tab .Plz try one by one starting from speadtru, to infineon.....etc etc.

Q12. My phone was working before Flash ,after Flash white display?
A.U have used wrong version of flash file.Downlaod correct file and then retry

Q13. How do i come to know the version of my Flash file?
A.Using any chinese phone tool fist scan pins and then press "phone info" or "boot" option.It will show u the CPU version as well as Firmware version.

Q14. In engineering mode I enabled the High speed option .What to do now?
A.Format ur phone using any chinese phone software.

Q15. I format the phone and now it's bluetooth is not working?
A.Repair imei or Reformat the phone.

Q16. what is the safe method of formating phone without killing it?
A.1.Use lower baudrate and make backup before Flash.
2.Use correct erase address.

Q17. I flashed the phone now it show's insert sim
A.First make sure u used correct flash file..If so then It's Hw fault.
Do as follows
1.Check sim tray
2.Uisng ohm-meter check those connection/lines leading to sim ic.If broken make jumper.
3.Replace sim ic.

Q18. What is the default password of china phone?
A.Normally 1122 if not works try 1234,3456,5678,3344

Q19. How to change china language to English?
A.Try *#0044#
If not works then try these
>Set default language: *#0000# Send
>Set English language (new firmware): *#001# Send
>***520* Change language

Q20. My phone is short circuited .how to fix it?
1. Connect the phone with power supply
2. Power on it
3. Let it ON for 2 minutes
4. Lay ur thumb on different components of PCB.
5. Feel which component is getting HOT.
6. Remove that component.

Result:Check shortness should have been reduced.

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