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[Tutorial] How to root Samsung clones.


This is for all those that purchased samsung clones or own one
Rooting guide

root samsung clones running 4.1/4.2 os

Can work for higher os versions but have been known to root these os versions mentioned above

1. Download Zhoudashi tool [ Please, Login to view this link]

2. Run the tool.
3.  Connect your device via USB (debug).
4.  Click on the home buton on the tool.
5.  click on the root button in the list below.
6.  A new windows will open,, click on the root button .. process will start.. wait a few minutes until it finish and restart your phone.

[Image: attachment.php_.jpg]

[Image: attachment.php2_-1.jpg]

if above method doesnt work for you {non-mtk}

1. Goto playstore and download SRT appscanner,  install and open the app if it tells you it is vulnerable ti any kf the bugs listed go ahead to number 2.
2. Download [ Please, Login to view this link]
3. Extract the file you just downloaded and open
NOTE: USB debugging should be on also search and download usb generic driver. Download [ Please, Login to view this link]
4. Click start in cydiaimpactor and if successful superSu should be installed
5. Open superSu and it would ask for uldate select normal and you should be rooted

root mtk device MT6575
Worked for mt6575 but might work for you

1. Download [ Please, Login to view this link]
2. Usb debugging should be on then proceed by the the button at the bottom left
3. It will install a chinese version of superuser now download superuser or superSu from playstore and install to replace make sure you choose the right yes selection even though its in chinese *grin*

for phones based on MT6589 chipset

1. Download root package [ Please, Login to view this link]
2. Extract file you just downloaded and switch on usb debugging  on your phone..
[Image: unzipped.jpg]
This is how the file you extracted should look like
3. Now in the folder hold control+shift and right click your mouse in and enpty space and in the options that comes uo you should open cammand now click it and it should open command prompt and navigated to the directory your in or go to menu and open command prompt rum as administrator and navigate to the folder you extracted
4. You will see a run.bat batch file in the folder now once your in the directory in cmd type run then enter.  You should have plugged your phone by now.
5. Run the run.bat batch file by typing “run”. You should see the following, where it will wait for the device and run the daemon on port 5037. And after ward it should look like this below
[Image: running.jpg]

6. Once you plug in the phone (or you might already have plugged in, in this case, the program will go ahead to push the exploit and install the superuser.apk into your phone. The screenshot shows that the superuser.apk had been pushed and rooting being performed. Once the installation is complete, you will be prompted to press enter and reboot the phone. The program will then exit.

root samsung s3 clone
1. Install pdanet
2. Download eroot.exe [ Please, Login to view this link]
3. Connect your phone, ignore the Chinese language displayed and wait for awhile for Eroot to detect your phone, a root button will appear click on it,
That's all!
but if for any reason a Root button did not appear, exit the Pda.Net application running on your system tray.
Connet your Phone again using an Original USB cable, and try the process again.

4.  Restart phone and superuser should be installed.

root galaxy note clone
1. Download oneclick root [ Please, Login to view this link]
2. Connect phone with usb debugging on and click root
3 download superuser to replace here

unversal method should root most model of samsung clones
1.  Make sure drivers are installed
2. Download root genius here
It's in chinese, but the install is straight forward.. next, etc.

3. Connect USB cable to the phone. Shuame will detect UMI X1, and you'll see a copy of your screen on the Computer

4. On next screen, click on the "blue" button to initiate the process. Phone will restart several times until finished

NOTICE: to un-root, just click the "root" button on the right (with the $ instead of the #)


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