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[Tutorial] Black screen when Dial or Pick up a call on Android mostly Tecno & Infinix.


I always encountered this problem on Techno and Infinix phone . I initially thought it was a software issue before I later detect its an hardware fault.

There is always a Sensor behind the Touch Pad of the phone with this condition and the Sensor is always a trace on the Pad beside the front camera.
Gently removing this sensor,the problem is solved.
Note;It always happen to a phone with a Changed Touch Pad and not new phone.

Oh, but it's happening to my fone nw. my fone has never been opend before.... that i know of. can flashing a fone affect the sensor??
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The build prop coukd help
For those that havnt changed thier screen before and your sure your sensor isnt dead

#Disables blackscreen issue after a call.

Just copy and paste in bottom of build prop
Matybazz pls come again,
I don't get your massage here.
(06-16-2016, 10:55 PM)major.b2b100 Wrote: Matybazz pls come again,
I don't get your massage here.

You can copy the bold lines to your build prop at the bottom to help with blackscreen after call... Root permission will be needed aswell as a root explorer


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